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Australia's #1 Mastermind for Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs

The Mastermind is filled with some legendary Australian Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals that include the World’s #1 Facebook Marketer, Shark Tank Judges, Multi-Million Dollar Company Owners plus Sales, Marketing & Copywriting Experts.

The Mastermind is incredibly exclusive and gathers together Australia’s Top Entrepreneurs & Leading Business Minds to share the secret strategies they’re using right now to rapidly scale their companies in 2020.


Dominate Your Industry. Increase Your Profit. Grow Your Wealth.

The Mastermind: The #1 Group for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

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“Generate a Consistent Stream of Referral-Quality Leads for your Business”

There’s only 3 ways to grow a business:

a) get more customers
b) sell more to each customer
c) get your customers to buy more often

To get more customers, you need to have a marketing system that generates predictable revenue down to the dollar. Without it… it’s only a matter of time before your business dies.

In the Business Growth Accelerator, you’ll learn exactly how to build a machine that works 24/7 to deliver as many new leads as your team can handle.

Traffic Strategies

Conversion Strategies

Funnel Strategies

PR & Social Strategies


“Convert New Leads into Clients & Double your Sales Conversion Rate”

The fastest way to double your business, is to double your price.

The second fastest way is to double your conversion rate.

In the Business Growth Accelerator, you’ll learn exactly how to convert any qualified lead into a high paying client. Our world-class training reveals the exact system we’ve used to close over $30M in transactions over the past 2 years… so you can master all elements of sales and follow ups.

Here’s what you’ll discover:


“Master your Business Model for Maximum Profits & Leverage”

Small hinges swing big doors.

Get a professional analysis on your business from Business Growth Accelerator experts to find the weak points in your business model.

Use our auditing process to make your life easier with higher profits and lower stress and:


“Increase Client Retention & Lifetime Value”

It’s time to grow your business by getting your customers to buy more. And doing it more often.

Once you have new clients paying you, use these following strategies we’ve road tested in our businesses and Business Growth Accelerator members’ to get your clients to stay with you for longer, increasing your revenue.

Inside you’ll discover:


“Systems, Operations and Finances: Gain Freedom. Reduce Stress. Live Your Life.”

There’s no point trying to double your clients if you have to double your work hours too.

What’s the point of being in business if you’re always working and never get to see your friends & family?

In the Business Growth Accelerator, you’ll learn how to be a master of operations, processes, procedures and systems to effectively leverage your time so you can enjoy the fruits of what you’ve worked so hard to build.


“Attract and Retain A-Player Team Members for Your Company”

If you truly want to build a large, sustainable business, you need to hire a team of A-players around you. I’m sure you know that.

Your team can either make your life heaven or hell.

In the Business Growth Accelerator, we share everything we know about how to find the right people and keep them so your business can thrive without you having to do it all.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


“How to Sell Your Business for The Highest Exit Valuation”

What is your end goal in your company?

If you haven’t thought that far ahead its fine… but when the time comes to cash out on your company, our trainings will have you walking away with a handsome profit to either flip into other investments, or your next business venture.

In The Mastermind, we share:


How does Business Growth Accelerator deliver these results?

6 Reasons to Join Business Growth Accelerator

  • World class content full of time-tested strategies and cutting edge tactics to help you scale your business
  • A team of high level mentors that have generated over $5B+ in sales for their own companies and clients. This includes experts in marketing, business and growth, not coaches but real entrepreneurs with highly successful companies
  • Weekly Online Mastermind Workshops so you can ask subject matter experts the burning questions you have to overcome obstacles and power your company forward
  • Regular in person meetups with world class speakers from the marketing and business world
  • The power of Business Growth Accelerator network of members from around Australia who are business leaders and renowned industry experts – Tight-knit family-like community to help out and lift each other up
  • Direct access to the founder of The Mastermind & Business Growth Accelerator program, Ben Simkin

Next-Level Support

  • Employee Training Resources in Marketing & Sales
  • 5 Years Worth of Vast, Rich and “Real-World” Strategies and Tactics from 100s of strategy sessions
  • Access Our Rolodex of the World’s Best Copywriters, Marketers, Sales Experts & Business Finance Specialists
  • Daily Help from 7 Mentors who own multiple successful businesses each
  • Open Up Your Network to Global Players

Who is Business Growth Accelerator for specifically?

  • Business owners doing at least mid 6 figures wanting to grow to 7 & 8 figures with higher margins and lower stress
  • Business owners looking to broaden their network with other high level entrepreneurs and multi-million dollar business leaders
  • Increase deal-flow of potential Joint Venture partners
  • Entrepreneurs who want to find and be a part of a tight family-like community who ‘get’ each other and who will help celebrate their wins and to socialise with as well as to help with problems
  • Business owners who want to break out of a rut or breakthrough a revenue ceiling
  • Business owners who want to find out the latest tactics and hacks to not get left behind
  • Business owners who want to become, and stay number 1 in their industry

Together, we will systemise and scale your business. Increase your profits and reduce your working hours. Let’s become #1.

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