Kevin Halbert

Kevin Halbert, son of Gary Halbert has been around Masterminds his whole life. Hear what he has to say about The Mastermind.

Jon Giaan

Jon Giaan, Iconic Business & Marketing Legend understands the importance of Masterminds

Alex Charfen

Alex Charfen shares what it’s like to be a part of The Mastermind

Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah, Entrepreneur and Director of Visionary Digital Studios talks about The Mastermind

Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes, The World’s #1 Google Adwords Expert joined The Mastermind to be a part of a community of successful business owners.

Daniel & Lisa Baxter

Daniel & Lisa Baxter joined The Mastermind when they were just starting out and have since grown their business to one of the top Property companies in Australia. 

Anil Patel

Anil Patel quickly achieved a 3,000% ROI on his first Facebook advertising campaign thanks to the training and support he received in The Mastermind. 

Carissa Hill

Carissa Hill became a member of The Mastermind when she was at a crossroads in her life. Through The Mastermind she was able to launch her business which has gone on to generate many millions of dollars and help thousands of people

Neil Damerow

Neil Damerow Long-stay Entrepreneur joined The Mastermind to access deep level knowledge and wisdom on how to grow his business

David Anderson

David Anderson High-Level Entrepreneur and Investor joined The Mastermind to access a network of ethical, successful business owners

Brian Kurtz

Brian Kurtz, Direct Response Impresario on The Mastermind

Bond Halbert

Bond Halbert, The World’s #1 Copywriting Teacher, and Son of the World’s #1 Copywriter shares his experience of The Mastermind

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore shares how much he loves The Mastermind and the power of it

Matt Knight

Matt Knight, Australian Buyers Agent on his life changing 4 years in The Mastermind

Rashid Al

Rashid Al and his candid thoughts about The Mastermind

Michelle Popovski

Michelle Popovski shares how much she loves The Mastermind and the power of it

Kim Barrett

Kim Barrett grew his business from working out of his bedroom, with one client, into a million dollar marketing agency employing many staff and servicing hundreds of clients

Greg Smargiassi

Greg Smargiassi found business growth had plateaued, through the knowledge imparted through The Mastermind and the high-level network his business is now at the cutting edge of the industry

James Viegli

James Viegli wanted to learn the latest in Online Marketing to grow his business and joined The Mastermind

Michael Lin

Michael Lin loves The Mastermind, find out why by listening to this video

Ian Davies

Ian Davies wanted to master the art of Online Marketing and joined to be mentored by Ben Simkin and his team of seasoned Mentors 

Peter Moriarity

Peter Moriarity joined The Mastermind to learn how he could take his business to the next level with Online Marketing

Paul Mulligan

Paul Mulligan loves the support, accountability and knowledge in The Mastermind

Gawain Siu

Gawain Siu loves the strong community and how everyone bands together to help each other in The Mastermind

Kurt Simpson 

Kurt Simpson has big goals and needs the right community to help support his vision. He found that in The Mastermind