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D.j. Christofferson


Easily the best decision I've made for my business. Less than 6 months in and will have my 2 best sales months of my career. Not to mention, as a result of what I've learned so far, I was able to add a new revenue stream that will be generating another 6-figure income yearly income within a few a few months.

Phil Britten


Been working with Ben and the Mastermind team for a few months now and I will say the education, guidance and community has been just what I needed to scale my business.

Mark Ottobre


Ben Simkin is the real deal. What I love about Ben is he understands business in relation to marketing. Many teaching marketing only see leads, ads and media buying but don't make the whole system work. Ben excels at seeing the whole picture. Great in business and great human. Winning combo.

EriKa Ct


So much support given at any time from all mentors and members. So grateful to meet such a bunch of smart genuine people that work together for the betterment of everyone.

Janos Vizi


It's so much actionable info that it's hard to sum up. it's like seeing the world with bad eyes and then buy your first glasses. just a whole new world. Facebook ads and marketing generally that made me wanting more and more from the content. I would recommend any time.

Nat Martin


One of the best events I have been too!! A wonderful group of people who just want to help and a great mentor who puts us in front of the right people to take our businesses to another level!!

Laura Maher


They say surround yourself with the best, and this group has the best! So much to learn, the support is amazing & if you’re willing to implement then this is the place to help you seriously grow your business 😊💕

Theo Stavrou


I highly recommend the mastermind to anyone who wants to grow their business. The people you get to meet in the mastermind are all amazing and have so much value to offer. Ben Simkin is a fantastic mentor who is willing to help with any questions you may have and always goes the extra mile to get them answered.

Corey Topp


Have only been with The Mastermind a couple of months and have already had a seismic shift in the way I do business. The way I charge clients has been completely flipped on its head, and as a result my business is growing exponentially and my clients are getting better results too. It's a win-win for all. This has all been without the live events too, can't wait to see the results when they start back!

Sanjay Shah


The Mastermind. 8 months ago I made the big decision to join ... I was ready to play at the next level. My business was doing OK, but I have a much bigger vision than just “OK”. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I took the plunge … Wow. 8 months on, I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without it.

Matt Knight


This group has changed the way I think at a deep level. I can only express gratitude.

Den Lennie


Ok... Where to begin. Authenticity - everything that is shared, taught, revealed in the Mastermind has not simply been lifted from a book rather is the result of many years of Ben Simkin and his incredible team of mentors actually running multiple (multi million dollar) businesses in the dirt. There is no snake oil here or faux friendships to make you feel like 'part of a herd'.. Instead real care, support and an absolute desire to see you succeed.

Kane Hansen


The best event I’ve been too for business owners looking for strategy, support and consistent growth.

Marco Frias


I have been following the Mastermind page for some time and have seen the amazing things they are involved in. When I had the opportunity to attend the event I couldn't pass. Meeting Ben and the team and listening to their experiences have changed they way I work my business. I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Kenneth Michael Starlin


I know. I know. I get it. You came here looking for one bad review. You're not going to find one. There is not smarter group to be associated with. In a 2 day workshop I wrote 32 pages of notes and took countless pictures, I have since added 8 pages of notes. Actionable advice. Not RA-RA BS but nuggets of gold to be exchanged with hard work for goods and services. I've already tweaked my existing work and added in lots of the knowledge I gained. Thank you Ben and Company. Thank you.

Adam Arnold


I have been involved with the mastermind for 3 years. I joined originally to learn how to generate leads for my business. In 3 months I generated 1200 leads. I have now taken the skill sets learned in the mastermind to generate thousands of leads for other businesses and millions of dollars of revenue. The mastermind is by far the most comprehensive program available today.

Kurt Simpson


The Mastermind is the Top level of knowledge and support available for any entrepreneur in Australia. You won't find this level of business and marketing knowledge anywhere else . The events are amazing as well!

Marva Allen


The information was extremely valuable. Ben delivered.

James Allen


I attended Ben's Facebook Mastermind Event in NYC at the encouragement of a friend who is a part of Ben's higher level Mastermind. For starters, let me say that I am someone who has had a long background in digital, high measures of success in digital lead generation/consulting, and been in and around several other mastermind groups for consultants that operate at a very high level. The truth is that many of the other groups that I have been a part of were lead by people.

Jeff Moore


A tremendous collection and collaboration of eager superachievers and value providers that are taught and led by a brilliant marketing and business strategist. This is THE Mastermind.

Daniel Alexander Hastie


The Mastermind is the most incredible and transformational coaching/business program I have ever participated in... It's one thing to have an amazing business/service/product... it's another to get it out there to the world in a way that gives you complete control to start and stop generating new business at the click of a button... Who would have thought that growing your business would be as simple as turning a tap on.

Kim McGann


Ben's Simkin, you have got me thinking at a whole new level in business. I've been a member of many other courses over the last 7 years or so...but NOTHING compares to this mastermind. The level of support from you personally has been amazing. Spending time with you on both personal and group calls has stretched me to up level both myself and our business. Gerard and I are so pumped to be on this journey with you and our other mastermind go-getters. We signed up because we ha… See more.

William Keelan


I tried digital marketing online prior to doing Bens Mastermind. And yes, I kept on trying and trying and trying. Back then, I was walking in the dark and alone, not knowing what to do. After starting the course and all the support I am getting from the group, I have no doubt in my mind that I am going to be able to achieve the goals that I have set for myself for 2017. Thank you Ben!

Dion Panossian


Ben and the Mastermind program have simply Wowed my expectations. The knowledge, insights and tools that are provided give any business owner the ability to take their business to another level. The program continually over delivers all expectations.

Trent Richards


I'm only new to this Mastermind and we are very early days. In saying this, the calibre of people in the group is exceptional and we all have a common goal and common mindset. I'm looking forward to seeing the development of all within the group over the next 10 months of this year. Enjoying it immensely currently!

Fern Malcolm


Great program, great teachers. Looking forward to seeing what else is to come.

Afra Sanjari


I've been in many masterminds and always looking to expand my acumen with regards to business, marketing and strategy. Ben and his team are very knowledgeable and experienced. It's been very useful and you can tell everyone in the mastermind including Ben and his team are there do help each other get to their next level. Highly recommended.

Marcin Teodoru


HIGHER LEVEL concepts is what I came to this Mastermind for, boy have i got it! Its only been a few week, but I have to say, this is the real deal. The lessons are really powerful in their approach and execution, with real results. Best part is you really can apply this to any business, ecomm, brick mortar and more... The private FB group has allowed for the type of 1-1 I was really hoping for and have received 10 fold. My mindset and approach has been shaped in just the first.

Joe Khoury


The marketing strategies really get you thinking of your target audience; allowing for the best chance of getting your outcomes.

Michael McCormick


Game changing. Career changing. Income changing. Life changing. Bens the best of the best and the value he delivers and the guests he brings on to share are second to no one in their fields. Best Facebook, marketing, and business mastermind, course, and group on the planet.

Neil Damerow


I am 5 months in and having record sales months and I haven't even scratched to possibility surface yet. Stop wasting your time with so called experts in the various fields, who promise and invariably don't deliver - I have been there and the time loss and cost waste is massive. Bens Mastermind is better than an MBA and better than other groups I am in. If you invest in this, you will save time and make big gains in your business.

Esther Pinky Kiss


LOVE this Mastermind! It's been so helpful to me and the other members as well. Ben's insights and advice helped one of our members get an $80,000 / month (ongoing) deal, another member literally upped their profitability 7 times in two months... My own client selection & intake process has changed and now I'm only working with people that are truly amazing and inspiring. Love this group! Thank you Ben 🙂

Daniel Baxter


Unbelievable content and input from Ben. He goes way above and beyond to help all members achieve their desired outcomes. The way he gets you thinking about your target market and how best to not only talk to them, but help them is astounding. Love being part of the Mastermind!

Darren Burgess


Becoming a member of this mastermind has allowed me to 'know what I don't know'... Becoming aware of these things, stuff that has taken Ben and other members years to learn in an accelerated time frame, is worth it's weight in gold. It's overwhelming, daunting, intimidating, mind-blowing... But most of all, the feeling of excitement and empowerment, coupled with with the real-world knowledge and advice that you leave these sessions with just can't be found in your normal net.

Mathieu Mariole


I only recently joined the Master Mind Group I didn't really know what to expect, prior I thought it was just learning Facebook ads, after my first MM workshop I've walked away with much more than just FB knowledge I wish I knew about the MM earlier.

Kim Barrett


Love attending Bens Mastermind - always great people and we have an amazing time - with world class content!


Emma Phillips

Ben is truly awesome - his knowledge and real-life experience is second to none! The support I get from Ben in this programme goes above and beyond my expectations. If you are looking to get results and to start making 'real' money you want to be part of this programme!

What industry leaders think

Bond Halbert

“Getting together with a group of can-do people, can help motivate you to get things done in a way that you can’t do with your high school friends that are working for a wage”