Discover the Exact Social Media Marketing Methods, Funnels and Advanced Business Strategies That Have Turned Struggling Businesses Into 7-Figure, Even 8-Figure Successes…

Ben Simkin is the real deal. What I love about Ben is he understands business in relation to marketing. Many teaching marketing only see leads, ads and media buying but don't make the whole system work. Ben excels at seeing the whole picture. Great in business and great human. Winning combo.

- Mark Ottobre

Hit Your Best Month’s Sales Numbers, Every Month,

Consistently and Predictability So You Can Scale Up With Confidence & Certainty

Want to generate referral-quality leads and dial in your sales process?

Because what I’m about to present to you could – quite literally – change the direction of your business in as little as the next 3 months.

The reason I can make such a ridiculous claim is that the business growth system I want you to ‘swipe’ from me has created billions in sales for myself and my clients.

Take Canterbury Services for example.

When they started working with me they were turning over a cool $30 million per year…pretty good right?

But once I implemented these strategies into their business they now turn over $180 million per year… and have been for the past 10 years. (That’s a billion and a half dollars right there!)

Good news spreads… so does reputation.
Not long after we got a call from Financial Advisors Australia.

They were in a bit of debt. $500K to be precise. Their marketing efforts just weren’t working.

That’s when I implemented my marketing blueprint into their business. Within 12 months not only had they paid back the debt…

They generated $10 million in sales and they are still going strong! Over the next decade we generated $300 million for them.

And this doesn’t just work for property and finance companies…

Take Miles ‘Smiley’ Sansoni from Famore Group of Companies.

He has an insulation company that was failing to keep his tradespeople busy in Queensland.

So we deployed our business growth system into his business…
30 days later he had over 300 leads!

But these were not just any leads.

These were customers red hot ready to close. Making him one of the leading insulation installers in Queensland.

So as you can see, this is not just theory…

…It’s a time-tested system that has been proven again and again over the last decade.

And I want to help you deploy the blueprint into your business giving you a lead generation and sales system that gives you consistent, high-quality leads that are ready to buy your product or service.

That means:
No more guesswork…
No more wasting time and money on under-performing advertising…

No more stress and anxiety about knowing when your next customer will walk through the door…

In fact, my team of business and marketing mentors will ‘watch over your shoulder’ and help you deploy this strategy in YOUR business over the next 12 months and make sure you achieve massive success.

This is the same proven marketing system that has generated over $2.1 Billion in sales for me and my clients!
But not only do I want to give you the business growth System.

I want to invite you to join our community of high-level business owners and entrepreneurs in…



The Mastermind is led by Benjamin Simkin. He’s been in business for 24 years with a passion for great business and helping other business owners go from week-to-week struggle to prosperity.

Having learned many lessons “the hard way” and eventually learned how to build 7 and 8 figure businesses through great marketing, sales, people and systems, Benjamin developed The Mastermind to help people build rock solid foundations that allow their business to grow.
As a business owner in this economy and with rapidly changing technological advancements, staying where you are and doing what you’re doing now is not a viable option. It will lead to business failure.
If you’re not using the latest in marketing and automation technology, and not adapting your marketing strategy, you’ll be hit by diminishing returns.
You may be already experiencing this, rising advertising costs, bad quality leads, or leads that just don’t respond to you or don’t pick up their phones.
All of these marketing issues can be resolved with the right knowledge, strategy and systems.
And that is what we help you implement in The Mastermind.
In The Mastermind, we will help you
Create an ‘irresistible offer’. To be irresistible, your offer should be so good, so compelling, that your prospect would have to be crazy to pass on it. If you aren’t growing at a rapid rate you know you don’t have one, we’ll help you craft a compelling offer. The secret is how you position and explain your offer. The secret is to create an offer that people would feel silly saying “no” to.
Implement a fully automated, marketing funnel on auto-pilot that attracts, communicates with through email and SMS, and gets the warmed up and ready to book into your calendar and buy from you

A Business Optimiser System that will find hidden profits and immediate cash windfalls in your business in under an hour

The “Four Pillars Of Zero Resistance Business Growth” that you’ll need to check off for EVERY piece of sales or marketing you use. Implementing these four pillars correctly will improve your sales, the quality of your leads, the amount of referrals you receive and will even allow you to increase the amount you charge.
Setup and structure your FB and IG ads to get the best quality leads at the best possible price and as many as you want each month. You want 100 qualified leads per month? We’ll show you exactly how step by step. While keeping the ad costs down too. This is the same system we used for our clients such as Siimon Reynolds, Canterbury and many high profile clients.
Leverage more channels on Google, Youtube, and emerging TikTok
Think you need a crazy funnel with 20 different steps to make your digital marketing work? Nope! We’ll show you the simple 1 and 2 step funnels that we’ve used to generate 6-figure and 7-figure sales.
The content strategy that we’ve used to slash our ads costs by 80%. Worried that you don’t have time to crank out a hundred articles? Not a problem. With the strategy we use, all you need is 5 pieces of content to see a massive improvement in the quality of your leads.
Sales calls and we’ll show you exactly how to get more prospects to say “yes” right away.

Youtube and Instagram are huge opportunities with other companies making millions by marketing on them alone. We give you the step by step instructions on how to grow your presence on both platforms fast, and start monetizing them right away.

Get onto TikTok and start generating leads as cheaply as 75 cents each
And so much more…
In The Mastermind, we will help you


What we’ve discovered is that we’ve found 2 distinct situations business owners find themselves in.

Their marketing has completely failed them and they have to rely on luck and referrals to get new customers or clients

Their marketing worked well for a while, but quickly became less effective, more expensive, and have been getting poorer results over time.

None of these situations are ideal, especially if you want to survive and grow your business, make a profit and work less hours (all the things you went into business for in the first place).

Unless you keep up to date with the latest marketing strategies and
systems and can rapidly deploy them into your business, you’ll never survive.

Because we are on the front-lines of marketing, every day we literally “DO” the marketing for large companies at our agency, BusinessNET, and only get paid when we perform, we are on the cutting edge of “what’s working now”.

We know what’s working right now to get quality leads and sales.

Our #1 goal is to impart this knowledge and strategy to you, and keep you always up to date with new trends, and to help you implement, so that you can see continued growth in your business.

All that’s left is for you to decide if you want to “go it alone” and always be 2 steps behind, forever feeling like you’re playing “catch up”, or to be 2 steps ahead and never go to bed feeling anxious or worried ever again, knowing you’ll have another great week in new clients and sales.


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