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What Is Facebook Ads Accelerator?

I’ve been recognised many times in the media as one of the top advertisers, and I’ve been using and perfecting the strategies you’ll find in Facebook Ads Accelerator.


Strategies that bring me and my clients all the consistent, high quality leads we can handle, like clockwork.


I was one of the original Facebook Advertisers way back in 2009. Making me one of the very few people who have attained “Master” status having spent over 10,000 hours doing Facebook Advertising.


My friends, mentors and clients are top leaders when it comes to business and marketing. 


These include Jay Abraham, Bond & Kevin Halbert, Brian Kurtz, Simon Reynolds, Kerwin Rae, just to name a few.


I’m in the VIP Advertising Program with Facebook and they only work with the top 1% of Advertisers on the platform as well as being a Meta Business Partner (Only 330 exist worldwide).


Which means I get the inside scoop on any updates or news coming out on the platform (which my students and I use as an advantage), and I get to visit Facebook HQ regularly all over the world.

In fact, The Huffington Post labelled me as the “World’s Number One Facebook Marketer In 2017” after generating over $2.13 billion in sales for my clients solely through Facebook. (These clients have very high turnovers, in the hundreds of millions of dollars.)


And I’ve personally spent over $30 million of my own money on facebook ads in the last 10 years alone.


I pack in my entire decade plus knowledge and experience of running campaigns for small, medium and large businesses as well as the insights and learnings from our entire ad agency BusinessNET to Facebook Ads Accelerator giving you unprecedented access to what really works and how you can apply it directly to your business.

When You Join Facebook Ads Accelerator You'll Get Immediate Access To:

1. Business Setup & Foundations

The Basics and Foundations of Facebook and Instagram Ads, The right way to setup and use Facebook’s Business Manager to develop the highest level of success and trust with the platform

2. Facebook CAPI Impementation

Using Facebook’s new Conversion API to accurately track your campaigns 

With the post iOS world there’s a new way to track conversions using Conversion API, or CAPI. Our Agency BusinessNET was part of the pilot program for CAPI before it was rolled out worldwide, and we were featured in their case study documentary which was translated into 7 different languages

3. Advance Ad Tracking Attribution

Advanced Ad Tracking method to improve tracking and matching data to give you a much more accurate way to track sales and conversions. 

With Apple Ad Tracking and general cookie restrictions you also need to layer over the top extra data collection and tracking systems, we show you exactly how to set this up on your own ad accounts. 

4. Campaign Structure

The 1-5-6 campaign stack structure to 5x to 10x your results

11 years of running campaigns we’ve discovered the right way to structure your campaigns in such a way to produce maximum results. These are tried and true methods to structure, not textbook theory. 

5. Creative Copy Framework

Creative, Copy, Ad Headline Methodology to write winning ads that convert

The difference between a successful campaign and a failed one comes down to the right target market, the right offer and the right message, getting these in perfect alignment will turn a flailing campaign into a winner

6. Creative Enhancement

Learn Our Creative Tactics We’ve Developed generating over $2 billion in sales for our clients. 

Creative, the images and videos you use are super important. These need to be ‘scroll stopping’ creatives that catch the attention of your target audience and stop them in their tracks. 

7. High-Level Optimization

High Level Optimisations and Creative Enhancements to Drive Higher Return on Ad Spend

Increased optimisations for larger scale campaigns where you are scaling to $100k a month or more in sales are different to the tactics you use for a smaller campaign. You need to learn both. 

8. Campaign Scaling

Improve Results Every Week Using Our 3-stage Data, Optimise, Scale approach to implement Increasing profitability consistently

Many people advertising on Facebook and Instagram report their campaigns going well for a few weeks then nose-diving in results, learn the 3 stage optimization process to keep your campaigns going and growing.

9. $10k Day Scaling

Scale Up to $10k a day campaigns using our copy/creative rotate cycle method. How we are scaling campaigns up to $10,000 per day profitably, yes even with increased CPMs and tracking issues

10. Blue Ocean Targeting

Secret ways to discover the ‘hidden’ interests of your target market.  Find “Blue Ocean” targeting to get in front of your audiences that your competitors don’t know about

11. Facebook AI Leveraging

Why (and how) to leverage Facebook’s incredible AI to find the best quality, highest converting prospects for you

Understanding how the AI actually works is vital in leveraging this billion dollar software platform

12. Best Images for Converting Ads

7 different types of images we use that grab attention and attract high numbers of clicks

We’ve selected the 7 best types of images for best results based on thousands of tests and millions of dollars in ad spend. 

13. Facebook Ad Templates

Our battle-tested ad copy template we use for 90% of our campaigns (just plug the details of your landing page in and it’s ready to go) as well as Winning Ad Formulas 

14. Screen-Share Coaching on Your Campaigns

As well as Direct Screen-Sharing Coaching for your campaigns and if you’re an agency, your clients campaigns. *

What’s included:

*Direct Screen-Sharing Coaching is an optional upgrade

Learn From Someone Who Has Scaled Over 427+
7 and 8 Figure Businesses

Since The Day Facebook Ads were launched Benjamin Simkin and his team at BusinessNET have been running campaigns for clients all over the world and have generated over $2.13 billion in revenue directly from Facebook and Instagram Advertising, as well as teaching hundreds of business owners and marketing agency owners how to run ad campaigns.  

If you’re just starting out, or you are currently running ads, or you are a marketing agency looking to get better results for your clients, Facebook Ads Accelerator is for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The program is self-paced, you get full access immediately and go through at your own pace.  Some students have reported fully completing in 2 weeks part–time and getting their first leads and sales in that time frame.  If you’re an expert, it could be even quicker. 

Yes! Absolutely! We have designed this program that makes it accessible to beginners and brings them up to intermediate level, and with some practice and experience you’ll get to advanced. 

Yes! Definitely! A lot of our students are actually marketing agency owners who come in with some experience with Facebook and Instagram ads but want that edge and insider knowledge from someone who’s doing large scale campaigns, and someone who’s VIP with Facebook for that non-public information.

Yes! In our Facebook community you can ask questions and get help from fellow students. If you’ve upgraded to our coaching package you get direct access to ask us questions during our coaching calls with you.

We stand by our product and think it is the best Facebook training in the world. Unfortunately it is harder to provide refunds due to some people taking advantage of this and pirating our content.  If you truly are unsatisfied with the program, we’d need to talk with you and navigate our way through this to ensure your request is genuine and that the material won’t be bought, copied and refunded. So yes, this is an option, but we need to take necessary precautions.

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