The Mastermind Members Lisa And Dan Baxter Won National Support Service Of The Year At The MFAA 2019 Excellence Awards

The Mastermind Members Lisa And Dan Baxter Won National Support Service Of The Year At The MFAA 2019 Excellence Awards

Australian Real Estate Company focusing on first-time home buyers, First Home Buyer Buddy, won National Support Service of the Year at the MFAA 2019 Excellence Awards and were Finalists for 2018 Optus My Business Awards for ‘Training and Education Business of the Year’.

My First Home Buyer Buddy is 10-step online system designed to guide any first home buyer through the entire buying process, teaching you the skills and knowledge needed to confidently purchase your first home without the fear of getting ripped off or missing out.

Aside from specialising in helping and educating first-time home buyers via their First Home Buyer Buddy e-learning programme and face-to-face seminars, Dan and Lisa Baxter, founders of First Home Buyer Buddy, now also work closely with other complementary industries who also want to attract, educate, and convert more first-time home buyers into clients.

Founding members of Ben Simkin’s Mastermind, Dan and Lisa have been part of community since it began in 2015. Lisa shared, “Initially, we joined The Mastermind to learn Facebook Advertising, however, it has provided us with so much more than that”.

Being a member of The Mastermind, Lisa further says, “It (The Mastermind) taught us the importance of understanding your customer, their needs, wants, desires, dreams, fears, problems etc. Ben (founder of The Mastermind) always says if you can articulate your client’s problem better than they can themselves, they’ll ultimately see you as the person to solve it. Being able to do this has not only allowed us to provide a better service, and help more people, but it’s also one of the reasons why our business started thriving”.

Dan and Lisa contribute the success of their business My First Home Buyer Buddy to The Mastermind, and are still active members today. 

About The Mastermind Program:

  • World class content full of time-tested strategies and cutting edge tactics to help you scale your business.
  • A team of high level mentors that have generated over $5B+ in sales for their own companies and clients. This includes experts in marketing, business and growth, not coaches but real entrepreneurs with highly successful companies.
  • Weekly Online Mastermind Workshops so you can ask subject matter experts the burning questions you have to overcome obstacles and power your company forward.
  • Regular in person meetups with world class speakers from the marketing and business world.
  • The power of The Mastermind network of members from around Australia who are business leaders and renowned industry experts – Tight-knit family-like community to help out and lift each other up.
  • Direct access to the founder of The Mastermind Ben Simkin.

Learn how to make the most of digital marketing to grow your business, visit The Mastermind on www.themastermind.com.au. If you are interested in learning more about First Home Buyer Buddy, visit https://firsthomebuyerbuddy.com.au

National Support Service Of The Year At The MFAA 2019 Excellence Awards, June 26, 2019

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