A transformational 12 month business growth program with BEN SIMKIN


Learn the proven lead generation systems and advanced business strategies Ben has used to generate over $1.45 billion in sales – and implement them step-by-step in your own business in a collaborative setting with other high-level entrepreneurs and business owners, online and in-person at beautiful locations around Australia .

Discover how to generate qualified leads on demand, generate more profit from your customers and uncover new profitable sources of revenue without any extra work...

Watch this High-Level Overview of Ben's Approach Inside The Mastermind and Experiences Of Past Members

Ben Simkin’s achievements in the business and marketing world have been nothing short of phenomenal. He is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s top marketers, a business growth and optimization expert, a Facebook advertising legend, and a pre-eminent business leader who can increase sales by hundreds of millions of dollars with innovative, little-known strategies. But before we begin…

This page contains over 15 hours of insights, explanations, proof, demonstration, information and perspectives about Ben and The Mastermind. While DO NOT expect you to study every detail on this page on this page.

We DO however, expect you to recognise that we have created THIS page to provide you with every piece of information you need to be 100% confident in applying to be a part of The Mastermind.

For those who don’t know who Ben is, below, we’ve prepared detailed information and documentation about his endeavours generating over $1.45 Billion in sales for himself and his clients… KEEP READING…

IMPORTANT: Investing one full hour studying and understanding the opportunity you have just applied for - could double, triple or even quadruple your business in the long term. A warning though - if you are looking for a 'quick fix,' expect massive transformation without hard work, dedication or change in thinking - THIS is not the place to find it. There are plenty of websites promising 'instant riches' with no effort. However, you will not find this with The Mastermind.

Who Is Ben Simkin?

The Huffington Post called him “the world’s number one Facebook marketer.” And though Ben’s world-class expertise in Facebook marketing is undeniable, his expertise, knowledge and strategies expand far beyond one media channel.

He is a business leader, business and marketing strategist, mentor and teacher who has not only helped companies add hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, but also helped turned around struggling businesses facing disaster and helped budding entrepreneurs build profitable, wildly successful ventures from scratch and become recognised industry leaders themselves.

Over the past 12 years he has generated over $1.45 billion in sales for himself and his clients across multiple industries – with companies ranging from small startups, to industry juggernauts already turning over 9-figures or more.

It is this unique combination of both breadth AND depth of experience that makes him such an effective leader and guide to those seeking to emulate his success in business and marketing.

Access to his unique talents and expertise has usually been reserved for private clients who can afford his high fees. However, his passion to share his knowledge and help more entrepreneurs and business owners through The Mastermind, has led to an unprecedented and unparalleled opportunity for a select group of entrepreneurs and business owners to experience massive transformation using Ben’s strategies.

The Mastermind Is A Rare Opportunity To Discover The Little Known Strategies That Have Generated Over $1.45 Billion In Sales...

The doors to The Mastermind are being opened selectively to serious, qualified and ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners. Those lucky enough to be selected to take part in this opportunity will get the chance to not only learn Ben’s highly effective strategies, processes and techniques from Ben himself – they will also get a chance to get direct access to Ben through a private online community, regular workshops and in-person events, so they can implement what they learn to their unique situations.

Private clients usually have to enter into profit share or equity-compensation agreements to get this level of access to Ben, but for those that qualify for Ben’s exclusive Mastermind, they can get that access to his knowledge, advice and guidance for a fraction of the investment.

It's not just a group. It's not just a program. It's an immersive experience and environment that has the power to explode your business growth and open your eyes to unlimited opportunities...

There are various groups, courses and programs on business and marketing. However, there are none that are on the same level. There are online communities filled with thousands of people who get lost in the crowd and never get the level of interaction, guidance or support they need to succeed. There are courses run by people who have never achieved a high level of success in the very thing they teach, or are no longer practicing the subject they now teach others. Then there are true experts who do share their knowledge, but only on a limited platform – through an occasional speech, interview or private mentorship.

None of these compare with the experience and the environment contained in The Mastermind. One where you get to join an intimate, tight-knit community of like-minded, talented, motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners. One where entrepreneurs just starting out get to rub shoulders with seasoned multi-millionaire business owners. One where members get the advantages of 24/7 access to Ben and each other in a private online community BUT still get benefits of meeting, convening, discussing and socialising in-person at live events. One where members are not only able to get potent, personalised advice from the ‘1.45 Billion Dollar Man’ himself, but perspectives from experts from different industries as well.

Only an experience and environment like this, will lead to unprecented breakthroughs, growth and opportunities. And that’s exactly what you will find inside The Mastermind.

Why Is Ben Doing This?

So you may be wondering why Ben – a successful business leader who has many businesses chasing after him, offering him generous fees, profit share and equity agreements in order to access his talents – created The Mastermind.

While the majority of Ben’s time is spent working with private clients – continuing to refine, deepen and innovate upon his strategies to create hundreds of millions of dollars in sales – he has never forgotten his identity and experience as an entrepreneur who started off with nothing.

No knowledge. No experience. No connections.

As someone who faced struggles and experienced challenges in business, the only options he had were to:

1. Buy hundreds of books and programs and implement everything to find the few things that were actually effective and applicable to his situation

2. Attend large seminars and presentations to get a glimpse of new and current strategies

3. Pay hefty five or six figure fees for private consulting or mentorship

And while those options did help, they were time-consuming, inefficient and costly.

Which is why Ben set out to create something innovative, different and valuable.

Something to provide others with the very community and the access to knowledge which he wished he had when he started off in business: The Mastermind.

Ben believes in adopting an ‘abundance’ mindset. He is not afraid of sharing his strategies (albeit selectively) to other entrepreneurs and business owners because he believes there are limitless opportunities out there and a great need for entrepreneurs and business owners to solve challenges and create more value in today’s society.

He loves helping entrepreneurs overcome the biggest challenges in their businesses. He loves seeing them achieve levels of success they never dreamed possible. And he loves seeing people become the ‘titans’ of their industry.

Also, the creation of a tight-knit, like-minded community is another aspect of The Mastermind Ben finds truly rewarding. Something that is not possible when working only one-on-one with private clients (which is why Ben continues to allocate time in his schedule to The Mastermind despite engagements with private clients being far more lucrative).

So do not be fooled, while The Mastermind may not be as large an investment to you as Ben’s private clients pay him – in some ways, what you will get and experience in The Mastermind, truly is a unique, and in some ways, superior opportunity

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Are you running a successful business but feel like you’ve hit a plateau?
  • Do you experience roller-coaster months – with record sales in one month followed by periods of dead quiet?
  • Have you tried generating qualified leads online with lacklustre, or even no results?
  • Do you find yourself working harder and harder for an increasingly smaller return?
  • Do you have a large, loyal customer base but still aren’t making the profit you want?
  • Are you struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace with much larger competitors?
  • Are you losing out on sales because of a mediocre sales conversion process?
  • Do you find yourself drowning in all the different ideas, tactics and strategies available out there?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the opportunities out there and want to know which ones to ignore and which ones to pursue for the biggest payoff?

Ben has been answering and OVERCOMING these questions and challenges for his clients over the past 12 years – to the tune of $1.45 BILLION dollars – a figure growing rapidly every year.

Can Ben truly help you with YOUR unique business challenges?

Before we go any further, do Ben's strategies and methodology work and are they relevant to you and your business today?

Here are a range of people who have worked with and experienced Ben's 'magic' in their own business. Hear what they have to say about Ben.

$30 Million To $115 Million Per Year

Ben grew Canterbury Services revenue by 210% in just 12 months. When he first sat down with Canterbury Property Services they were sitting on a ‘comfortable’ $30 million per year. Ben devised and implemented the marketing strategies that grew their business that now turns over $115 million per year.

From Negative To $10 Million In Sales

When Ben met with the Financial Advisers Australia they were reluctant to trust another marketing expert, and rightfully so. They had lost $500,000 with the wrong marketing company. Ben quickly turned their business around and in less than 12 months they had generated $10 million in sales, and they are still going strong.

$300 Million Increase In Sales Over 7 Years

Ben helped Zero To Infinity increase their sales by $300 million over 7 years.

$11 Million In Sales In 7 Months

Ben helped this Melbourne company generate $11 million in sales in just 7 months.

$6 Million In Sales In 4 Months

Nexus Lending got 10 times the amount of inquiries with Ben’s help and generated over $6 million in sales in less than 4 months.

300 Leads In The First 30 Days

Ben helped this business keep their installers fully booked by generating 300 leads in just the first 30 days.

With over $1.45 Billion in sales generated from his strategies, Ben has developed, refined and mastered ALL aspects of business, marketing and sales – identifying overlooked opportunities, selecting the most lucrative opportunities, re-engineering business models for success, increasing the lifetime value of a client, enhancing value propositions, making irresistible offers, masterful positioning in the marketplace, developing high-return, high-volume lead generation systems, refining the sales process, nurturing and reactivating past clients and more.

With experience growing multiple companies across multiple industries – all from different starting points – Ben’s knowledge is vast and unparralleled. He is likely to know not only the solution to a problem, but also be able to identify problems before you even experience or identify them yourself.

You don't know what you don't know... But Ben knows what you don't know AND he has the solution

The world of business is an ever-changing game – with businesses always innovating, changing and strategising to seek a greater advantage and race ahead of the competition.

What this means is that you MUST be able to identify and overcome problems and challenges in your business very quickly. Any delays and any mistakes are costly and will be punished in the form of loss of market share and loss of revenue.

As a business, you are rewarded for your ability to provide unique, superior solutions faster than the competition. Which means that you must:

Seize every advantage as quickly as possible

The Mastermind has been created to help entrepreneurs and business owners gain every advantage necessary to out-perform the competition. The foundational principles and strategies, combined with effective, current implementation steps are a potent recipe for supercharging the growth of any venture or company.

Ben's goal for The Mastermind is to equip you with every tool and the environment you need to transform your business and unlock the success that is possible for your business.

Once you have learned and mastered Ben’s powerful strategies, you will be able to identify the most profitable opportunities and know exactly how to tap into, grow and scale them into wildly successful ventures.

You will even see how you can leverage and multiply existing opportunities so you can double, triple or even quadruple your payoff with little or even no extra effort!

The Mastermind will either be incredibly expensive or the best investment you’ll ever make. You will be given all the tools and support you need to transform your situation, but whether you choose to apply them is up to you.

But considering that you have the opportunity to parlay a modest investment into multiple 6-figures or even multiple 7-figures of profit YEAR AFTER YEAR – we believe anything less than 100% commitment to the applying the principles and teachings in your own business, is foolish.

Ben Simkin is one of the country’s pre-eminent experts on Facebook and online marketing.

Siimon Reynolds

Australian advertising guru

Ben is a superstar marketer, business optimisation specialist and one of the top experts in the world when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Jeff Moore

Founder of the Thursday Night Boardroom mastermind group

Ben Simkin is a master of marketing. His knowledge of the psychology of sales and lead generation are second to none.

Mark Holtermann

Managing Director of The Fortune Institute

Ben Simkin is a trusted advisor. From the very first day I met him, I have been in awe of his strategic genius and innovative thinking.

Selena Soo

PR Expert and Founder of S2Groupe

Where will The Mastermind be held?

The Mastermind contains training modules which are delivered online, 24/7 access to a private online community group, and regular in-person events where you can get live training and meet other members.

The live events are often the highlights of member’s calendars – because they get time to take a step away from their business, reflect, and celebrate their achievements to date with others. It also gives members a chance to form lifelong friendships, connections and business partnerships.

The Mastermind combines the benefits of having instant, round-the-clock online access to material and other members, as well as the benefits of interacting and socialising with others face-to-face at live events.

Here are some photos of Mastermind events:

What makes THIS experience so unique and valuable?

You do NOT have to go it alone. You do NOT have to walk blindly. The Mastermind was created by Ben Simkin to give you every tool and experience necessary to 'turbocharge' your business growth and find success.

Does anyone really have the ability to so deeply TRANSFORM a business? Watch Ben in action and decide for yourself.

Renowned Australian advertising guru and co-founder of the Photo Group – which in 8 years grew to a staff of 6,000, becoming the 15th largest marketing services company in the world – Siimon Reynolds, interviews Ben Simkin on the power of Facebook Marketing.

Jeff Moore, President of the multi-million dollar International Pacific Seafoods, and founder of the business matermind group, Thursday Night Boardroom, sits down and interviews Ben Simkin about his journey in business.

Ben Simkin shares the secrets of successful Facebook marketing in this interview on actionCoach.

Ben Simkin shares the secrets of successful Facebook marketing in this interview on actionCoach.

Ben shares his Four Pillars principles for zero resistance business growth.

The simple 3-step formula for getting new clients.

Ben teaches how to establish a successful joint venture partnership.

Here's a few of the businesses Ben has worked with...

Ben has tremendous experience across multiple industries and has seen countless strategies, tactics, opportunities, business models and innovations. Here are some of the businesses he has impacted:
  • A property investing company that went from $30 million a year to over $115 million a year
  • A business owner turned business coach who went from struggling to enrol a client into her program every week, to enrolling at least one a day while selling it for 4x the price!
  • A marketing consultant who started off with one client, who then went on to build a highly-acclaimed million-dollar marketing firm with 10+ staff in less than 2 years
  • A financial services firm who went from nearly closing it’s doors to generating more than $10 million in sales in 12 months
  • Another financial services firm who generated $300 million in sales over 7 years
  • A business coach who generated so many clients for his high ticket program that he had to hire a 2nd full-time coach just to keep up with demand
  • A trade services company who got their installers fully booked – thanks to 300 leads generated in just the first 30 days

Plus... Ben also mentors and advises many other different types of businesses:

      • HR & Recruiting
      • Massage Therapy
      • Business Coaching
      • Real Estate
      • Mortgages
      • PR
      • IT
      • Dentistry
      • Blinds & Curtains
      • Accounting
      • Virtual Assistants
      • Fitness
      • Martial Arts

... To name just a few.

Ben himself is mentored by a man widely revered as the world’s best marketer – a man who himself is responsible for generating over $9 billion dollars in revenue and is highly sought by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

What are past participants saying?

I’ve studied business and marketing for so long. But the stuff in The Mastermind that Ben teaches is just next level stuff.

I thought I knew a lot about marketing before and now it’s just taken things to a whole next level.

Carissa Hill

Business Coach

Ben is a legend. Ever since I first met him, I said, “This is someone I want to learn from, follow around and gain as much as I can from.”

Up until one year ago, I was working by myself in the spare room of my house and really struggling. and now we have great offices and great staff around us and helped us grow exponentially.

Kim Barrett

Founder, Your Social Voice
The Mastermind has really challenged my way of thinking in business. I can build things from scratch very quickly and then we plateau out over a year or two. But what this group has taught is how you can smash those barriers and grow. The processes are very detailed and it is an honour to see some of how Ben does things from the inside and now I understand why Ben is such a sought after person.

Ian Davies

Serial Entrepreneur

More Mastermind Member Experiences

Mike Rhodes – Mike Rhodes is an author, speaker, agency owner and world-leading authority on Google Adwords.

The mastermind has given Mike insight into not only advanced Facebook marketing strategies, but also higher-level business strategy, including different ways to structure deals, how to take equity deals and write smarter contracts.

Tracie Dickson – Had another business prior but wanted to get into the marketing industry for Social Media. Joined up in January 2015 and within the first 6 weeks had signed an $80,000/m client from what she learnt in the mastermind.

Peter Moriarty – Peter runs a multi-million dollar IT business. The mastermind has helped Peter put together marketing messages that attract the right clients to his business, and also given him insight into advanced marketing techniques that are working right now in the market.

Peter also enjoys the opportunities to network with top marketers and other successful business owners.

Michael McCormick – Insurance Agent. Added $20k in recurring income within the first 2 months – the mastermind more than paid for itself in less than 8 weeks. He just landed an equity profit share deal in a software company as a result of the mastermind. 

He started an online course and group for the insurance industry which is rapidly growing traction.

Neil Damerow – Before joining the mastermind, Neil was trying many different lead generation and marketing methods with little success. The mastermind has given him the clarity he needs to 10x his business over the next 12 months.

Chris Slodyczka – Chris started in January 2015. Started out with his own marketing company with a handful of clients. 
Now he is doing profit share deals with clients and on track to revenue over $1 million+.

James Veigli – James has ben running his own successful business for years, but often found it hard since he couldn’t share his struggles or ideas with family and friends.

The mastermind has provided James with a supportive group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs to share ideas and get answers to problems he’s facing.

Greg Smargiassi – Greg had previously spent a lot of money hiring other marketing agencies to try grow his business – with nothing to show for it.

He now has his pipeline filled with quality prospects, allowing him to be more selective with who he works with.

Ian Davies – Ian been in business for many years but always struggled to break the $1m mark. Has been through many programs but says this is the best one he’s ever done. Now he’s on track to $5m in revenue…

Dan & Lisa Baxter – The mastermind has given Dan and Lisa clear direction with their marketing.

They love the support and genuine personal connections they have built with members in the group online and at face-to-face at quarterly events.

Rick Nieuwenhoven – Joined the mastermind in 2014 with no previous experience in marketing OR facebook. He wasn’t tech savvy. He’s a business owner of an established business. Added $1m in gross profit as a result of the mastermind.

David Anderson – The mastermind has helped David reach his goals much faster by providing clarity on what to focus on in his business.

The network of business owners succeeding in different industries has also provided answers to challenges he has faced within his own industry.

Kim Barrett joined the mastermind in January 2015. and started out with just him in the business and ONE client. When this interview was recorded 10 months later in November 2015, he had staff, was making $70k a month and became well known in the industry.

DJ Christofferson – Charley started in January 2015 with himself and 2 staff. He now has 10 full time staff and is booked solid with clients.

Charley Valher – Charley started in January 2015 with himself and 2 staff. He now has 10 full time staff and is booked solid with clients.

Michael McNish – Michael tripled his business in the first 8 weeks. 

Jon Giaan – Jon is a multi-millionaire investor and business owner.

The network of entrepreneurs and business owners within the mastermind has given Jon access to innovative new services to further support the growth of his business.

I’ve studied business and marketing for so long. But the stuff in The Mastermind that Ben teaches is just next level stuff.

I thought I knew a lot about marketing before and now it’s just taken things to a whole next level.

Adam Maywald

Paid Traffic Architect

A Peek Inside The Private Mastermind Community Group

Ben's Phenomenal Achievements Have Been Covered In Major Publications

Will you stay stuck in your business? Or will you leap forward and watch as your business grows exponentially? YOU decide.

If you are fortunate enough to be selected into the exclusive Mastermind with Ben Simkin, you can expect 12-months of insights, tools, systems, strategies, processes and experiences that will re-engineer, redefine and re-energise:

  • Your marketing strategies
  • Your advertising messages
  • Your offerings to the marketplace
  • Your positioning
  • Your sales process
  • Your pricing
  • Your business model
  • Your ability to identify profitable new ventures – some which take little to no extra time, effort or cost to tap into
  • The resources – both knowledge and business connections – you have access to

You will change the long-term destiny and growth potential of your business and you may even unlock new business opportunities in the process.

Along the way, Ben will be guiding you and advising you every step of the way so you can maximise every opportunity and overcome every challenge you encounter

Ben and his team have helped with a 130% increase in client numbers in the last 6 months. It has been a game changer.

Rob Kropp

Business Coach

I can not recommend Ben’s service at BusinessNET highly enough. His knowledge of online marketing is unmatched.

Dave Beard

Managing Director at Property Direct

Ben was able to open my eyes to the opportunities right in from of me. Sometimes you’re sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars and you don’t even know it.

James Farren

Sales Expert

Ben gets businesses great results every time. I haved him several times with my clients and everyone has beeen very happy with the results.

Chris Nobbs

Management Consultant

Your Investment And Your Return On That Investment

The Mastermind is designed as a premium, high-level experience which spares nothing in ensuring the success and results of its members.

It is not merely an informational course – though you will get lifetime access to Ben’s premium trainings and regular workshops to get personalised advice and feedback.

It is not just a live event – though you will be invited to attend live events in the most beautiful locations across Australia.

And it is not just a community group – though you will have 24/7 access to a private online community group that connects online and in-person at events and meetups.

It is a far superior, more impactful, all-encompassing experience designed to transform and arm you with every tool, every resource and every opportunity needed to realise stratospheric growth in your business.

The investment is not cheap – unlike low-level, mass-market, impersonal offerings on the market.

That being said, your investment will likely be the best financial decision you make provided you implement all the information, ideas and opportunities you get from The Mastermind.

And while we cannot say exactly what your return will be from joining, it is not uncommon for members to profit 6- or even 7-figures in the first year alone from what they learn in The Mastermind.

However, because of the delivery and nature of The Mastermind, there is a limitation to the number of people that can join before the quality and the results of The Mastermind starts to suffer.

Once enrollments into The Mastermind reach a pre-determined number, applications will close and no more members will be accepted.

Since Ben must devote time in his schedule – time that could otherwise be devoted to lucrative private, profit-sharing, equity arrangement deals with private clients – The Mastermind is more of a personal mission of Ben’s than a money-making endeavour.

He is not requiring that Mastermind members enter into any profit-sharing or equity arrangements with him. However, he does require that people meet the following requirements:

  1. They sell a product or service that is valuable, desirable and ethical
  2. They are determined, committed and able to be open-minded about implementing new strategies (and possible throwing out ineffective ones they are currently using)

If you do not fulfill these requirements, then The Mastermind is NOT for you.

However, if after a comprehensive review and interview about your application and your situation deems that you are suitable and eligible for a spot in The Mastermind – then you will be extended an invitation to this presitigous group so you can experience what will likely be your best year in business (but just the one of many).

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