Get the Complete Sales System that Will Double Your Sales, Increase Your Closing Rate and Allow You to Charge Higher Prices

No matter which industry you’re in…

If you would like to confidently sell $2,000 – $25,000+ services and programs, or sell $10,000 – $250,000+ per year services WITHOUT ever having to meet prospects in person – then this may be the most important thing you read this year.

Selling over the phone is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT to selling in person.

You see, when selling in person, the prospect can see you eye-to-eye… they can read your body language… they can see your facial expressions and hand gestures… you can use visual aids

All those work in your favour to build trust and rapport, and persuade the prospect to buy.

But when you are selling over the phone, the decision to buy SOLELY rests on WHAT you say and HOW you say it.

Which means you have FAR less margin for error… and your sales process has to be TIGHT.

And that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been developing over the past 10 years, working with mentors and the top experts, and putting these methods into practice in my own companies to prove and refine them.

We’ve developed a phone sales system which we have used to sell:

  • $5+ million worth of programs
  • $30+ million worth of high-end professional services

…100% over the phone. 

This has allowed us to sell to prospects right around the world without wasting time travelling – thus enabling us to grow much faster.

And now, we’d like to share our proven system with other companies who want to do the same.


Sales: The Definitive Guide

Sales: The Definitive Guide: Sales System is an online program which will walk you through the exact step-by-step sales system we use to close high ticket programs and services, 100% over the phone.

This comprehensive program was developed by our in-house Sales Manager for ‘Internal Use Only’, but for the very first time, we are allowing the public to get their hands on this definitive guide. 

The proven, step-by-step sales process in the training allows even people who ‘aren’t naturals at sales,’ to easily and confidently close everything from $2,000 programs to $20,000+ per month services – WITHOUT being ‘pushy’ or relying on ‘high-pressure, boiler-room’ sales tactics (we turn newbies into sales top guns in our own company using this exact program).

Here are some REAL examples of my team doing this:

  • Martin Dai a Vietnamese immigrant whose second language is English closed over $350k in deals in the last 9 months, while working only part-time with us, a few hours a week. 
  • Jason Webster a former nightclub bouncer with zero sales experience went on to close over $1.45 million in deals in his first 18 months with us. 
  • Sarah Allen, who when I met her was an appointment setter getting paid $20/hr, to highly paid commission only sales person who closed $2 million in sales for me. 
  • And me, an introverted, self professed former computer geek who had no social skills, into owning multiple 7 figure companies (I was a virgin up until I was 21 years old!)

In this program, you’ll discover:

  • How to increase your closing rate to as much as 85% – Most know how easy it is to close ‘hot’ leads like referrals who are ready to buy. But the mistake most people make is spending all of their time “searching” for these types of leads……when in reality they are few and far between. Our step-by-step process allows you to close the majority of your leads “like clockwork,” with the same level of ease and simplicity that occurs with your most qualified leads.
  • How to easily and confidently handle virtually ANY objection – including common ones like “I need to think about it,” “I need to talk to my partner first,” and “I can’t afford it” – and CLOSE THE SALE.
  • The one-call close – If you are selling to a straight-forward product or service which your prospects are very keen on buying, you’ll discover how to close qualified leads in one call. No more wasted time and energy getting prospects ‘over the line’.
  • The multi-step close – If you are selling more complex products or services which require more assessment, explanation or customisation, you’ll discover the proven multi-step closing process. 
  • How to transition easily into the “close” phase of the call without the lead feeling hesitant or unsure
  • How to build and manage a high-performance sales team so you can close even more high-ticket sales WITHOUT needing to do any sales calls yourself

Many people who have gone through the sales training have increased their close rate by as much as DOUBLE… or even TRIPLE. That’s 2 – 3x the number of sales WITHOUT spending a single cent extra on marketing.

Many have also raised the prices of their programs and services with the confidence of knowing that they can close people at those prices.

Plus, many have gone from AVOIDING following up leads because they hated the sales process, to actually ENJOYING talking to leads – all thanks to the confidence they got from having a proven step-by-step sales system.

Confidently And Effortlessly Close $2,000 - $250,000+ Deals Over The Phone

For a limited time, you can access the exact training we use to turn sales ‘newbies’ into sales ‘top guns’ closing $2,000 – $250,000 deals – for just $2,000

So if you would like to confidently sell $2,000 – $25,000+ services and programs, or sell $10,000 – $250,000+ per year services WITHOUT ever having to meet prospects in person – simply click on the button below and follow the instructions to receive access to this proven program.

Sales: The Definitive Guide course content

In just 6-weeks or less, we’ll help you Enjoy Making Calls, Double Your Sales, Increase Your Closing Rate and Allow You to Charge Higher Prices



Get an overview of the program and understand the most effective way to go through it.


Sales Mindset

You’ll learn a winning mindset that will transform you from dreading sales calls to enjoying them and enjoying them, as well as strategies on projecting confidence, building desire, ask for higher prices and more.


The Sales Roadmap Part 1

Understand the Sales Roadmap Process, Your Customer Journey, Dominance Positioning, Building Rapport and the Qualification Process so you don’t spend time with prospects that will never buy.


The Sales Roadmap Part 2

Ask the right questions to elicit commitment, build massive desire, demonstrate credibility and capability on the phone, how to obtain commitment without being a pushy salesperson.


Creating Your Sales Process

Decide on a One Call Sales Close or a Multi-Call Close, Determine the right Sales Approach, The Essential Sales Process Ingredients and the process for both One-Call Close, and Multi-Call Close Sales Calls.


Writing Strong Scripts

How to write a winning script that converts that you can follow on every sales call to systemise your sales process. This script has been tested out on over 150,000 sales calls in multiple industries. 


Objection Handling

Learn the 8-Steps to overcome Objections. There’s nothing more frustrating than conducting a long sales call only to get an objection and lose the deal. Learn this simple system to overcome objections.


Sales Team Overview

If you want to setup a sales team, large or small, commission only or salaried, this is the way to do it successfully. We show you how to do this. A sales team is the ultimate leverage in business.


Hiring Salespeople

Hiring Salespeople is one of the most difficult things in business to get right. Here’s the right way to attract high-performance sales people who will sell for you. 


Training Salespeople

Learn the right process to train your sales people. Part of this process will include giving access to some of the modules in this program, while the rest will be about product knowledge and your company knowledge. 


Managing Salespeople

Managing Salespeople is very important to keep your team motivated and consistently selling every week. Here’s how to do it.

In 6 Weeks or Less You Will Learn

  • How to use “Set-Selection” that gives you the mind power to close just about anyone… no matter how intimidating you think they are.
  • How to tap into the secret sales power within you that builds confidence and closes sales…WITHOUT using icky sales “Hacks”.
  • The one thing you MUST believe before you make a single phone call… (this belief is not just good for sales but everyday life too!)
  • What you should NEVER do once you’ve finished with a sales call… and
  • The absolute worst time to make a sales call and what you should do if you ever get caught in this situation…
  • The “3-Give” Method that sets you apart from mediocre salespeople…and unconsciously makes your prospect become comfortable with you… almost instantly
  • The Sales Roadmap that gives you everything you need to close the deal…even if you get sidetracked or interrupted…
  • The secret focus areas that gets you into your prospect’s mind. When you uncover these areas it will be almost impossible for them not to buy
  • The little-known truth to build a deeper connection and close more sales without feeling like a used car salesman.
  • Have you ever given up on things when they got tough? Use this simple mind switch to get you in the “closer zone.”
  • What happens if your prospect turns ice cold on you? Use the “PR Method” to make them hotter than the sun’s core for your product or service.
  • The number ONE reason why prospects give you the runaround… doesn’t respond to you…or gets turned off… and the simple phrase you can say to make them respect you – in a instant.
  • The 5-minute exercise you can do that will INSTANTLY make you a more attractive, confident sales person EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And you can do it anywhere… anytime.
  • The little-known technique that builds rapid desire in your product or service… making your prospect – pretty much – closing themselves on the sale.
  • The simple “QA” Solution you can implement when you want your prospect to take action on a commitment…
  • The “Bar-Fight Principle” that almost forces your prospect to see the value in your product or service…PLUS how you can squeeze the right information out of your prospect WITHOUT manipulation tactics – moving them to an action mindset
  • The sneaky tricks used car salesman use… and how doing the OPPOSITE makes you MORE sales…
  • Discover the nightmare sales scenario… and how a specific sequence of questions can help you AVOID it altogether
  • How these Responsibility Questions can make your prospects feel at ease… and easier to close.
  • What you should NEVER wait for on a sales call…
  • How to “set the sale” with a simple question…
  • The chicken or the egg system for building your sales team… PLUS the simple way you can work 30 hours LESS a week… and still skyrocket your business profit.
  • A step by step guide training regime walking you through how to build a high performance sales team… WITHOUT paying out HUGE wages and salary packages…
  • The Win-Win system overlooked by most business owners…
  • The Ultimate Sales Roadmap: The sales process that keeps your prospect on track and you closing more sales… every time.
  • The sales “Tool Belt” that gives you everything you need to make a sale… no matter if you get thrown off by another phone call… interrupted or distracted.
  • Learn the 5-Stage Customer Journey: Understand this principle alone and you’ll know EXACTLY how to speak to your customer to get them to buy.
  • The ”AB” Checkpoint principle that will guide your prospect from where they are… to where YOU want them to go.
  • Ever wanted to be able to sell in any situation? Just learn this simple sales treasure map and you can lead your prospect almost any sale…
  • The single most crucial question you need to ask your prospect to find out how “aware” your customer is… before your speak to a prospect.
  • The truth about customer sales cycle and why it’s NOT the most vital aspect of the customer journey.
  • The SINGLE biggest threat to your sales success… and it’s got nothing to do with your communication or sales skill.
  • Learn the “FSOA” strategy that gives you clues about whether your prospect is going cold or has heard enough and just wants you to close them.
  • If the prospect throws you off course… do this one simple cue and you can quickly take back control.
  • The simple way to overcome objections, and identify a “broken belief” so you can get your prospect back on the sales track…
  • WARNING: If you don’t do this simple exercise you’ll waste your time and piss off your customers… but if you do it… they will pretty much be begging you to buy…
  • The identify your customers problems before they even know they have one… And how you make them believe you can do whatever you can to get the sale.
  • How to install the “the Mastermind” 15-step One call Sales Script in 7 days or less… making it easier than ever to close high ticket offers in a single phone call.
  • The Dominance Position Strategy to easily get respect from your prospect… you won’t need to prove yourself to them… and they won’t talk over you and rush you… PLUS they’ll believe every word you say!
  • How to master advanced sales persuasion and psychology to inspire immediate action from your prospects…trust every word you say… submit to the process… be open and honest with you and look forward to the appointment.
  • The three ways you can appear to be a dominate persona before you speak to your prospect… (when you use just one of these it can impact your impact on the prospect and almost close the sale on their own)
  • Warning: Why dominance position can make you look like an asshole and the one thing you need to combine it with to supercharge your sales.
  • The 5 things you can do right now to put yourself in the top position in your prospects mind
  • How to attract All-star talent to your team… rapidly train them and manage them at peak performance…
  • The three ways to build almost instantaneous rapport… building a deep level of connection and making it easier for you to close the sale.
  • The Mirror-on-the-wall strategy you can use right now to make INSTANT RAPPORT with your prospect.
  • The quick-start talent onboarding sequence… take your new hires through this process to rapidly train them at closing sales.
  • The 3 simple questions you can ask to build rapport…
  • The Hostage Negotiation Technique that will get you almost instant rapport when you speak to your customer…(You can use it on your partner or loved one and they will love you for it too!)
  • Why 3 qualifying questions you MUST MEET before you move forward with the prospect…asking these simple questions will save you frustrating objections like I need to speak to my partner or I don’t have enough money right now
  • The #1 thing you MUST improve right now to close more sales…and it’s got nothing to do with your communication skills.

And much much more…

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