Robert Collier’s Famous ‘Favor Letter’

Dear Customer,

Will you do me a favor?

For twelve years now, you know, we have been selling the famous “Keepdry” Coat direct to the consumer, at a savings of many dollars from the usual retail price.

This year I want to vary our line a bit, so I have changed the fabric to one that looks like a smart topcoat — but will still shed rain. And instead of the usual double-breasted raincoat model, I’m using a single-breasted topcoat model that appeals to men because it has style, and yet retains that loose, comfortable look of the well-tailored light overcoat.

I believe that anyone who ever gets out in stormy or wet weather will like this “Any Weather” Coat better than any raincoat or topcoat he can buy, but you know how it is in merchandising — you can never be sure of such things until after you have sunk a lot of money in them.

Which brings me to the favor:

I want to make sure of the demand — or lack of demand — before we sink too much money in this new coat. So I’ve come to you as a customer of the house:

Will you try out one of these new “Any Weather” Topcoats for me for a week — WEAR IT — see how it feels, how it looks, how it compares with topcoats you have bought at $25 or $30? Above all, how it keeps out wind and rain? And then write me?

Naturally, I am not making offers like this to everyone, so whether you accept it or not, I should feel obliged if you would return the card so as to insure against its falling into other hands.

Naturally, too, your opinion will be of value to me only if I get it NOW — before the Fall season has really opened — before we are definitely committed for any great quantity of these new all-weather coats.

Won’t you, therefore, fill in the three simple measurements on the card TONIGHT if you can, and mail it? On second thought, better mail it right away — while you have it in your hand — so there will be no chance of forgetting it.

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