Michael McNish:

When he was seventeen Michael McNish’s dream was to join the McDonalds’ marketing team.

When he was seventeen Michael McNish’s dream was to join the McDonalds’ marketing team.

He got his chance at the age of twenty-two when they offered him a retail marketing position. Michael jumped at the opportunity to work with one of the biggest brands in the world.

Over the next six years, he rapidly mastered corporate marketing and had a bright career in front of him.

There was only one problem. The path he had imagined for himself – the path he had achieved – was making him utterly miserable. He realized that he was completely unsuited to work as a cog in someone else’s machine.

Michael decided to change his life after a pivotal call with his father…

He asked his dad if he should try a different job entirely, or take the chance to create his own future. Being a musician, Michael’s dad told him to follow the spirit of rock and roll and go for it.

Michael dived into the entrepreneurial world the next day.

He tells anyone who asks that he had no idea what he was doing when he started. But he had skills and a passion for helping small businesses with their marketing.

Michael began with graphic design work and reinvested every spare cent into his education.This led him to become one of the first twenty members of the Mastermind. Eventually, Ben Simkin invited him to become the very first Mastermind mentor. 

His following success speaks for itself. He created a thriving email marketing firm, before switching his focus over to e-commerce. He currently runs an e-commerce advertising agency known for its Youtube channel “The Shopify Store”. He also coaches business owners on a combination of mindset and marketing, and acts as a mentor in the Mastermind.

Within the Mastermind itself, he is the undisputed expert of marketing physical products. He is also uniquely able to provide clarity to business owners on where their business can grow.

Today, Michael is balancing his marketing career with his love of acting. He was part of four different productions in the beginning of 2018 alone. He strongly believes entrepreneurship is about creating whatever life you want. His mission is to live each day by that philosophy.

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