Liam Donnelly:

Leading Digital Marketers. Dr Arnold was the first member of The Mastermind…

Liam Donnelly never planned to become one of Australia’s top internet marketers.

He was originally a physiotherapist who used google ads to bring more business into his clinic.

But it turned out that he had a talent for online advertising. So much so, other physiotherapists and health professionals started to hire him to run their marketing.

Liam realized he enjoyed digital marketing far more than physiotherapy. So, he closed his clinic, devoted himself to the marketing world, and hasn’t looked back since.

Early on, he teamed up with his brother to create an online nutritional program for men. Together, they brought in $120,000 in revenue in just six months. That success proved to Liam that he would be able to succeed in the industry.

Always trying to improve, Liam would go through a variety of courses and Masterminds. Eventually, he found a home in Ben Simkin’s Mastermind program.

Liam found Ben’s methodology to the best he ever came across and committed himself to mastering Ben’s lessons. In turn, Ben was so impressed with Liam, he ended up bringing him on as an external consultant for Ben’s agency.

Liam would go on to consult with some of the other largest marketing agencies in Australia. 

Today Liam continues to enjoy a meteoric rise in his career while living on the gold coast with his fiancé and Pitbull.
He is particularly proud of setting his father up with his dream business. After thirty years working as a house painter, Liam’s father now spends his days coaching triathlon athletes thanks to his son.

Liam is also a committed mentor to the Mastermind. Everyone in the community values how deeply he understands people. Between his medical training and work in NLP, Liam has developed an incredible skill in triggering whatever reaction he wants.

His life philosophy is that everyone has an obligation to be the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be. He enjoys pushing himself and others to the very limits of their potential and beyond.

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