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Lead Generation Expert, Ben Simkin, Shares His Insights With

Founder and CEO of BusinessNET, Ben Simkin, was recently featured in a highly engaging article published on, where he discussed how to “blow up your business with Facebook ads”. And that is exactly what he has achieved with his lead generation company BusinessNET which has generated over $1.45 Billion in sales. Interviewed by serial entrepreneur and highly acclaimed Forbes contributor John Rampton, Ben shared his expert advice with the worldwide audience.

As an early adopter of Facebook ads, who spends millions of dollars on Facebook advertising each year, Ben Simkin has discovered firsthand how powerful Facebook ads are as a dependable marketing tool. His wealth of knowledge is invaluable for businesses trying to tap into the world’s largest, yet most under-utilised onlineadvertising platform, with 1.4 billion active monthly users.

There are many aspects most business owners haven’t adopted when diving into Facebook Ads and this is often due to a lack of understanding, however, Simkin encourages the fact that “Facebook Ads can virtually work for any business, you just need to know how to use them”.

The article discusses the six most effective ways to amplify any business with Facebook Ads:

  1. Have a strategy: be clear on how much you are going to spend, how long should the campaign run for, and how much profit should be generated from the ad campaign.
  2. Use a formula: Mr Simkin uses the “T-O-M strategy – target, offer, message” – get the right offer, in front of the right target audience, articulated in the right way.
  3. Focus on targeting: really know your audience – dive into their beliefs, values, interests and lifestyle.
  4. Tailor you ads: use the ‘audience definition’ tool to really hone in on your audience. Also, target smaller groups of around 5,000-15,000.
  5. Write great copy: use an engaging headline, with copy that is clear and easy to read. And place the ‘call to action’ button below the copy – research has proven this is more effective.
  6. Split test: launch variations of the ad to encourage greater results.

With technology changing frequently, and algorithms ever-present, it is often common ground there is a huge lack of understanding on how to adopt Facebook to drive leads and customers. Simkin’s team at BusinessNEThave developed a bulletproof formula that has been proven time and time again to deliver the highest profit and sales compared to any other agency, making them the number one Facebook marketing firm in the southern hemisphere.

Ben Simkin often shares his insights of online marketing through regular podcasts, mastermind events and interviews. He is humbled to be in a position to be able to assist and mentor thousands of people to create and develop thriving businesses. As an expert in lead generation, online marketing and business strategies, Ben Simkin is a reputable source of insight and information, who is available to continue to share his knowledge. Follow Ben Simkin on his highly active and engaging Facebook page:

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