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How Kim Went From Working In His Spare Bedroom With 1 Paying Client, To Building A Multi-Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Agency In Less than 2 Years

A few years ago, Kim Barrett found himself struggling.

As a social media and marketing fanatic, Kim dreamed of owning a successful marketing agency.

However, working alone in the spare bedroom of his house with only 1 paying client – this seemed like a far off dream.

Though Kim was getting his one client great results and growing their business, when it came to getting more clients and growing his own marketing business, he was stumped.

He found himself with no strategy and no support.

Fortunately, Kim heard about The Mastermind and decided to sign up.

Thanks to the training and support inside the Mastermind, within 10 weeks, Kim was able to land 5 more clients.

Not only that, the skills and confidence he gained from The Mastermind allowed him to charge these new clients multiples more than what he was charging his first client.

“The Mastermind allows you to learn so much faster. In addition to the training, you get to see other member’s campaigns and what they are testing out.”

“It’s like learning from 5-10 days worth of work in a single day and that increased skill gives you confidence when talking to prospects.”

In less than two years, Kim was able to build a multi-million dollar agency.

“It’s hard to believe that less than 2 years ago, I was working by myself in the spare room of my house and really struggling. Now we have great offices and great staff around us helping us grow exponentially.”

He has done marketing for world-renowned social media marketer, Gary Vaynerchuck, as well as several ASX-Listed Companies.

Just last month, Kim was able to generate $620K in sales for his agency – a far cry from his early days struggling to get past 1 client.

But despite his achievements, Kim has his sights on growing his agency even further and knows that The Mastermind will equip him with the strategies and support to continue to hit new goals.

“Ever since I first met Ben, I said, “This is someone I want to learn from, follow around and gain as much as I can from.”

“Ben’s going to be stuck with me for life. If he’s still running The Mastermind, I’ll still be there!”

In our Mastermind trainings, walk through the same step-by-step process to start growing your business with Facebook Ads.

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