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Karen Norris, A Mastermind Member, Secures Two Consecutive Wins at Printing Industry

Worldwide Printing Solutions Taren Point was the proud winner of Franchisee of the Year Award for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

Worldwide Printing Solutions Taren Point helps businesses grow through their printing services. Their team of design and print experts specialise in a range of printing services including offset and digital printing, creative graphic design, large format and signage, promotional products, and tailored marketing solutions.

Owner of Worldwide Printing Solutions Taren Point, Karen Norris, joined The Mastermind back in 2016 with the purpose of learning more about Facebook Advertising. Six months prior to joining, she founded her new business Crossover Symmetry Australia as the exclusive distributor for Crossover Symmetry – a shoulder health and performance product that she wanted to market and sell online.

Being a member of The Mastermind, Karen shared with us, “The reason I had started my Crossover Symmetry business was because I was losing interest in my printing business and we were having issues with one of our large print accounts, basically the business was in decline. 

But as soon as I watched the first module of training and used the ‘Opportunity Evaluator’, it made me realise my printing business was my biggest asset, it helped me refocus, gave me direction, and renewed my passion for the business.”

Karen further states, “After that, all the training, the events, the support and contact with other members in The Mastermind have helped keep my focus and teach me a whole lot more about marketing and business, and we’ve been kicking goals since then. We’ve had sales growth every year, we’ve been able to move to a bigger premises, purchase new equipment, and recruit great staff. I should add that the training on Hiring A-Players was excellent, I was able to recruit 2 great team members utilising that process, I used to dread recruitment before this.

The business is now in the best state it has ever been, many thanks to Ben and The Mastermind.

The Mastermind exists to support the success of all our members in their existing businesses and any future businesses they seek to create based upon their success with The Mastermind modules, events, mentors and exclusive resources only shared within our high-level community.

To continue learning about how to effectively grow your business, apply to join The Mastermind here: If you are interested in working with Worldwide Printing Solutions Taren Point, visit

Franchisee of the Year Award, 2016 & 2017

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