Jeremy Hobin:

Jeremy Hobin knew that he wanted to go into digital marketing at an early age.

When he was nineteen he read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. That book showed him the limits that a standard job would place on his life.

So while at University, he started his own e-commerce business.

Through that business he developed his love for online marketing. He was amazed how a kid from a small town in New Zealand could sell products to thousands of customers all over the world.

Wanting to reach the next level, he sold his company and joined a digital marketing agency.

At the agency Jeremy began to work with clients as large as Hyundai. These clients gave him the chance to regularly handle fifty thousand dollar a month ad budgets.

He proved he was up to the task, consistently achieving a great ROI.

While at the agency, Jeremy proved to himself just how skilled he was. At one point he was able to deliver a 300% increase in leads to one of his clients. All without increasing the ad spend.

Today he works with Ben Simkin, across Ben’s entire portfolio of companies. He also co-founded the “Online Business Accelerator”, an agency focused on helping New Zealand businesses.

Within the Mastermind, he has a reputation for being the big picture guy. Because of all his experiences, he is able to connect the dots to develop a full strategy. He has an instinctive feel for which channel best suits a particular business.

Jeremy became a mentor in the Mastermind because he loves to see people succeed. It gives him the same buzz he first felt at nineteen discovering the online marketing world.

He urges all business owners to focus on mastering the fundamentals of growth. He never tires of reminding them that all the technical knowledge in the world won’t help if the basics aren’t in place.

Within the Mastermind, he is particularly admired for his ability to get inside the head of any target market. His years of medical training let him dive deep into a markets’ fears, wants, and desires.

Adam became a Mastermind mentor to give back to the community that helped launch his career. He believes that he was put on the planet to make a difference in other people’s lives. Be it as a mentor or as a marketer, he plans to continue to serve as many people as he can.

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