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How Financial Advisers Australia Turned A $500K Loss Into $10 Million In Sales In Less Than 12 Months

Have you ever spent money on marketing – only for it to go down the drain, with no sales or profits to show as a result?

Well, that’s exactly what had happened to Financial Advisers Australia – a residential investment property marketing company – in the beginning of 2010.

Financial Advisers Australia had recruited several telemarketing companies in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to help them generate new business.

This move had cost them a considerable $500,000.

But despite this hefty investment, the results from the telemarketing campaigns were absolutely horrendous, with virtually nothing to show for all the money spent.

Having been burned so badly, you can see why they were hesitant to trust another marketing expert again.

But in November 2010, we met with Financial Advisers Australia and showed them our proven method of generating quality new clients through the Internet.

And we showed them how different it was to the telemarketing they had wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on.

To their credit, they decided to give this ‘marketing thing’ one more go and decided to trust themselves with our proven Facebook Advertising strategies.

We quickly turned things around for them and generated a consistent stream of new clients resulting in over $10 million in sales – all in the space of less than 12 months.

Financial Adviser’s Australia couldn’t have been happier with the result and finally knew they had a consistent and reliable way of generating the quality new clients they needed to grow.

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