Running In Private Circles For The Past 6 Years…

The Only Marketing Event That Shows What’s Working in Real-Time is Reopening Its Doors to The Public!

Get a Full Breakdown (Step by Step) of How to Build a 7-Figure Funnel in 2024, From Concept to Implementation, and Scaling!

This is a practical 3-day workshop where we reveal our entire system for building and scaling profitable funnels to 7 and 8 figures a year.

You get a shortcut to profit that’s based on thousands of tests done across 100+ industries, that resulted in over $2B in sales since 2005.  

Ben Simkin is the real deal. What I love about Ben is he understands business in relation to marketing. Many teaching marketing only see leads, ads and media buying but don’t make the whole system work. Ben excels at seeing the whole picture. Great in business and great human. Winning combo. ​

– Mark Ottobre

Join us live in Brisbane, on August 25-27, for a hands-on event where we’ll help you:

  • Understand how funnel economics work, and what goes into creating the concept and strategy for a profitable 7-Figure marketing funnel.
  • Pinpoint the most valuable target audiences for your business, and how to grab their attention and drive action.
  • Create irresistible offers, that prospects can’t say no even in competitive niches and industries.
  • Write copy that actually makes people want to pay for what you have to offer.
  • Design your funnel with a user-first approach. 
  • Build profitable paid campaigns, from ideation and planning, to technical setup, creatives, management, and scaling. 
  • Optimise your ads to earn more for each dollar you put in.
  • Teach your sales team how to sell and close deals without discounting and without using snake-oil salesman tactics.
  • Set up automations that help you save time and generate qualified leads on repeat.
  • Create reporting systems to gather, analyse and use data to make improvements and scale.
  • Implement AI throughout your entire marketing, to speed up everything and lower costs.
  • And much more..

Learn What Works TODAY

And How to Implement It As Soon As You Get Home

Everyone talks about what worked for them 1, 5, 10 years ago.

They share tactics and strategies that by the time they get to you are no longer generating any kind of worthwhile results.

It’s 2nd tier at best, and most times 3rd tier knowledge that won’t help you get ahead.

We’re taking a different approach. 

We’re sharing with you what works in 2024, last month, last week, and even on the day of the event. 

No fancy talk. Everything on the table from the get-go. We won’t pull back information out of fear someone’s going to steal it from us.

We want you to know what we do, and how we do it so you can replicate it for yourself. 

And we can do this because we’ve been in the marketing game for almost 2 decades, and we’re still building profitable funnels and running campaigns to this very day for multiple clients worldwide. 

This workshop will be 80% practical, and 20% theoretical. 

This isn’t just another event you’ll come to and leave with a laundry list of things to still do…

We’re not here to tell you about the theory of building and scaling a 7-Figure funnel.

We’re here to tell you what you need to hear, and to SHOW you how to IMPLEMENT to get RESULTS. 

We’ll dive deep into customising PROVEN BEST PRACTICES for you to PLUG and PLAY throughout the entire process of building, launching, optimising, and scaling your future 7-Figure funnel. 

And all of the things you’ll learn come directly from the source.

We are on the front-lines of marketing every day.  We literally DO the marketing for large companies at our agency, BusinessNET, and only get paid when we perform. We are on the cutting edge of “what’s working now”.

So if you want to find the solution to building and scaling a PROFITABLE 7-Figure Marketing Funnel  – sign up for this event. 

It’ll be the last event you need to attend when it comes to marketing, because you’ll leave with more practical knowledge than you’d get in years of running tests yourself. (We’ve spent hundreds of millions on ads over the years).  

Discover Timeless Strategies from
19 Years of Marketing and $2B+ in Sales!

What works today is not the only thing you’ll learn.

We ran our first campaign back in 2005, and over the past 19 years we’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see.

We’ve also had collaborations with people that are considered Copywriting Royalty, like Bond Halbert, John Carlton, Ed Dale, Craig Clemens, and many others.

So you can rest assured that you will get a complete walkthrough of what we know are the best timeless marketing strategies to generate qualified leads and sales.

And we’ll give you a practical application for each one, so you’ll leave the event with a toolbox full of ready-to-implement action steps that are proven to generate results.

You won’t have to reinvent the wheel or get confused about when to do what, regardless of where you are in your business journey.

Peek Behind The Curtain:
Case Studies From Real Businesses with Real Products and Services

See how the system you’re going to learn was used by real business owners to build profitable 7+ figure funnels

Without being influencers or gurus.

Without selling fake dreams and making absurd claims that prey on the naive.

And without giving up their values, and integrity.

These are honest companies, most of them in industries and niches that are not “hot”.

Accounting, Property Investing, Finance, etc.

The system we’re showing you works both in “boring” industries, and highly competitive industries alike (health, fitness, ecommerce, etc.).

You’ll learn what they did, and how they did it to run profitable campaigns and scale their marketing funnel to 6, 7, and even 8 figures per year.

How they dealt with constraints that you might be dealing with now.

With issues, plateaus, rising costs of advertising, lead costs, low conversion rates, high client acquisition costs, low retention, high churn, algorithm changes, markets shifting, new tech emerging, etc.

And all you will have to do is implement the solutions they’ve already succeeded with.

Kevin Halbert

Kevin Halbert, son of Gary Halbert has been around Masterminds his whole life. Hear what he has to say about The Mastermind.

Jon Giaan​

Jon Giaan, Iconic Business & Marketing Legend understands the importance of Masterminds

Alex Charfen​

Alex Charfen shares what it’s like to be a part of The Mastermind

Sanjay Shah​

Sanjay Shah, Entrepreneur and Director of Visionary Digital Studios talks about The Mastermind

Mike Rhodes​

Mike Rhodes, The World’s #1 Google Adwords Expert joined The Mastermind to be a part of a community of successful business owners.

Daniel & Lisa Baxter​

Daniel & Lisa Baxter joined The Mastermind when they were just starting out and have since grown their business to one of the top Property companies in Australia. 

What to Expect From The Event

We’ll go through the entire 7-Figure Funnel and Sales Strategy we’ve implemented 100s of times to help scale our own offers, and our clients offers into 7 and 8 figure revenues. 

Our Promise:

This Workshop Will Have a Positive Impact On Your Business and Bank Account From Day 1!

No more guesswork.

No more wasting time and money on under-performing advertising.

No more stress and anxiety about knowing what step to take next to generate more clients, or scale the business.

This is the same proven marketing system that has generated over $2.1 Billion in sales for us and our clients!

Carissa Hill

Carissa Hill became a member of The Mastermind when she was at a crossroads in her life. Through The Mastermind she was able to launch her business which has gone on to generate many millions of dollars and help thousands of people


Unfiltered Access to
World-Class Experts and an Active Community of Fellow Business Owners

We’re making our rolodex of experts available to you, to make sure you can always find what you need, when you need it.

No more being left in the dark or getting stuck on things that you don’t know how to fix.

You’ll have an easy time finding solutions to your roadblocks, problems, and questions because you won’t be alone.


The Mastermind is led by Benjamin Simkin. He’s been in business for 24 years with a passion for great business and helping other business owners go from week-to-week struggle to prosperity.

Having learned many lessons “the hard way” and eventually learned how to build 7 and 8 figure businesses through great marketing, sales, people and systems, Benjamin developed The Mastermind to help people build rock solid foundations that allow their business to grow.

As a business owner in this economy and with rapidly changing technological advancements, staying where you are and doing what you’re doing now is not a viable option. It will lead to business failure.

If you’re not using the latest in marketing and automation technology, and not adapting your marketing strategy, you’ll be hit by diminishing returns.

You may be already experiencing this, rising advertising costs, bad quality leads, or leads that just don’t respond to you or don’t pick up their phones.

All of these marketing issues can be resolved with the right knowledge, strategy and systems.

And that is what we help you implement in The Mastermind.

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