How This Business Owner Went From Overworked and Underpaid, To Never Needing To Work Again In Under 3 Years

Charley Valher was like many of the business owners that choose to join The Mastermind. 

He had a digital marketing agency that had already seen some success. He had clients, some money coming in, and had hired two employees.  He also had the drive and ambition to grow his agency further, and become a player in the industry. 

But he realized that he had hit a ceiling with his growth…

Charley’s first problem was that he had partly won his clients by competing on price.

“We were certainly undervaluing some of the services we did.”

“We used to do just flat fee, $500/month. Which looking back was a terrible idea and I have no idea how I even came up with that”.

To make things worse, even at these low rates he still wasn’t at capacity with his clients! 

Together that led to a situation that far too many business owners find themselves in. 

Because of his low rates he had to service his clients himself. He didn’t have the budget to hire someone who could run his clients’ advertising without him.

But at the same time – he still had to spend a good chunk of each day generating new business for his agency.. 

Between the two activities, he had absolutely no spare time left. He was too busy with the day-to-day to focus on growth, or even just to take the time to relax. 

Luckily, Charley turned everything around just a few months after joining The Mastermind. He…

  • Changed His Business Model – After we helped him identify the issues with his current model and helped him forge a path to a new, sustainable, profitable and scalable model, things started to improve immediately. Before we helped him with the model:

    “I had to turn my [old] funnels off. Because as we’ve been applying things and doing it we’ve hit capacity pretty quick [under the old model]”. This needed to be changed!

  • Built a consistent lead generation system: Once we helped him on a new path, he set about to develop a marketing funnel and Facebook Ad campaign based on our framework and started getting leads right away.

  • Help him with his Sales, Automation & Staffing: We also worked with him in these areas to take his business to the next level. As a result of all this, he also…

  • Started a second business: He partnered up with a fellow Mastermind member to start an outsourcing company. Today both his companies can run without him, allowing him to make money as he pursues his passions.  

We’re going to go over how he was able to achieve all the above. You should study the lessons below, and take some time to think about how you can apply them to your own business.

In Just Three Years, Charley Built Two Businesses That Run Without Him

A Consistent Lead Generation System

Charley was already experienced with bringing in clients through online advertising.  But he found his results went to the next level with what he learned in The Mastermind. 

“Before I joined the Mastermind I actually felt like I was pretty savvy with Facebook. Like technically I’d been using it for quite awhile. But after seeing some of Ben’s case studies and things like that, I come quickly to understand there’s probably a piece of the pie I’m not fully understanding.”

In the Mastermind, we’ve developed a set of tools to help our members get better results right away. There was one tool in particular that Charley loved.

“[Ben’s] got this amazing document called The Taking Stock. Which if you’re ever lucky enough to get a copy of I would treat it like gold.”.

But, it’s important to note that Charley’s attitude was key to his success. Particularly, his willingness to take immediate action.

“When Ben showed us something we were testing it instantly”.

Many other entrepreneurs fall into a learning trap. They think they need to learn just one more thing before they start doing something.

Usually, they never actually do anything.

Charley decided he would focus on implementing, and his results show the power of that approach.  

“I hired another person soon after I joined The Mastermind to help take on this new workload.”

Remember – all the training in the world is useless if it’s not used.

Here are some ideas for you to take action on right away.

Increasing His Revenue

As we mentioned, Charley’s services were incredibly under-priced at just $500/month. 

We see business owners make this mistake all the time. Undervaluing their services. 

This usually happens because they are trying to compete on price. Or, they’re just not sure how to structure their pricing model. 

What they don’t realise is that undercharging hurts their ability to serve their clients. They can’t hire the staff they need, or buy the tools that will help them deliver results. 

Charley is a perfect example of falling into that trap. He admits he had gotten “used to doing everything [myself]”. That means that he was working in his business instead of on it. Which hurt his ability to grow and help more entrepreneurs. 

After some coaching from Ben, Charley increased his fee.

“We’re looking at 5 to 6 times that on most campaigns. We’ve got one client where it’s 10 times that now.”

The training in the Mastermind also gave him the confidence to increase his prices. He knew that that he’d be able to attract and close clients even at a higher cost.

So if you feel like you’re undercharging your clients…you’re probably right and you need to change that.  

Your first step is to get a consistent flow of prospects. Your second is to charge them a higher rate. 

A Second Business and Beyond

Charley took full advantage of the amazing network and support that comes with The Mastermind. 

He partnered up with fellow Mastermind Member, Linh Podetti, to launch Outsourcing Angel. A company that helps other businesses with outsourcing their operations. 

Between the Mastermind and Outsourcing Angel, Charley developed expertise in another area. 

How to build a company that can run without his involvement.

Today he’s able to step away from both his companies without hurting the operations or cash flow.

While he is still very involved in the business world, he spends his time exploring his passions. He believes that every business owner should have the choice to step away from their company.

“If I’m not doing what I love, and my thoughts are on what I love, I’m not operating at peak efficiency. I’m not growing in the role that I’m in if my focus is on somewhere else”.

“I think that should be the goal of every business owner. Like I think it’s getting missed in society just how important it is to have a business that works without you. That’s what you signed up for. That’s why you take on all the risk and hard work in the beginning, is for the payday. Not enough people are getting the payday.”

There are two important lessons in Charley’s story that many entrepreneurs miss.

The first is to work towards an end goal. Too many business owners break their backs for 20+ years with nothing to show for it. If you don’t see a point where you can step away in the foreseeable future, you need to make a change. 

The second is the power of a good network. Not only can it lead to partnerships, but the support and advice it can provide are invaluable. 

"The support in The Mastermind...it's kind of like an insurance policy on the business"

Even before meeting Linh, the support Charley received in The Mastermind was a huge help. 

“The support in the Mastermind was the number 1 reason I joined…It’s kind of like an insurance policy on the business. Because when we are running ads, getting someone else’s opinion is invaluable. Being able to fix it quickly is a massive massive advantage.”

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. But, the idea that you have to solve all the problems yourself is exactly what sinks so many business owners. 

That’s why we made sure to make networking and group support such a large component of the Mastermind. 

When asked, Charley says that investing into The Mastermind was a great move.

“Compared to what I expected, [Ben] goes well and truly beyond to overdeliver.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s an absolute beginner question or it’s the most complex thing ever [Ben] really does take the time to answer it properly regardless of who it’s from or what it’s involving.” 

“If I could go back I would kick myself and join instantly. Because I’ve spent days deliberating…when I weighed out the potential upside versus the potential downside the upside was well and truly there.”

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