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How I Took Canterbury Services From $30 Million Per Year To $180 Million Per Year With Facebook Advertising.

One of the first companies I did Facebook Advertising for (and still work with today) was a company called Canterbury Services.

Canterbury Services is a property development and marketing company based in Australia.

Before they met us in 2005, the only marketing they ever did was advertisements in the local newspaper.

Despite their limited marketing efforts however, they found themselves turning over $30 million a year thanks to repeat business and word-of-mouth from their outstanding service.

Around this time, businesses were starting to setup their own websites in order to establish a presence on the Internet and reach new customers.

Canterbury Services were resistant, however.

Especially since they were already sitting on a ‘comfortable’ $30 million a year.

Fortunately, I convinced them marketing online (specifically through Facebook Advertising) was the way of the future.

In just 4 ½ years I helped take them from $30 million per year to a whopping $115 million a year – all done through Facebook Ads.

They have now been with us for over 12 years and have continued to grow even further (to over $180 million per year) – with Facebook Ads still being the only advertising channel.

In our Mastermind trainings, we will walk you through the same step-by-step process so you too can generate huge profits for your business through Facebook Ads.

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