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Ben Simkin Listed as Top Facebook Marketer to Follow

More and more people know that “Facebook marketing has become one of the top ways for established brands and small companies alike to promote their businesses”. This poses for a saturated market of mixed messages and so-called ‘gurus’.  However, “certain experts have emerged from the market and proven to be true aficionados when it comes to Facebook marketing” as Richard Lorenzen of the Huffington Post explains in his article “Top 6 Facebook Marketers To Follow”.

The top of the list was Ben Simkin who Lorenzen described as “the world’s number one Facebook marketer”, having sold over $1.45 Billion in products and services for his clients through his company BusinessNET.

Lorenzen shares, “Ben manages an ad spend in the millions of dollars and works with clients in a wide variety of industries”.

When asked for his secret, Simkin says that “a successful campaign only happens when three things are in perfect alignment: the right target, the right offer and the right articulation.”

“If you aren’t having much success then you need to make sure those three are in alignment by continually adjusting. Once you see your Facebook campaign produce some result, then it’s time to scale it up over time. That’s how millions of dollars in sales are made with Facebook”, Simkin tells.

The other leading marketers mentioned in the Huffington Post article include Curt Maly, Ryan Stewman, Kim Garst, Gary Vaynerchuk and Shama Hyder.

To learn more about Ben Simkin and his successful work, visit or follow him on social media at

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