BENJAMIN D. SIMKIN Founder of The Mastermind

“For the few, a great purpose calls us, to strive, to achieve, though we fail, we succeed, through adversity we are relentless. To turn our backs on what haunts us would lead to self-destruction, to rise to the occasion we will see the world change”

From the youngest age, Ben Simkin remembers being always-curious. Learning, reading, pondering. His mother would find him sitting on a chair, staring into space. She would ask “What are you doing?”, his response “thinking”. His preference for taking his toys apart and putting them back together was a concern for his parents, being from a poor family where needs were hoped to have been met from week to week.

At age 13 his parents got enough money together to buy a second-hand computer, and that’s when Ben lost himself in seemingly endless learnings. He recalled a few years earlier reading about computer programmers and how they were able to create new software, new ideas and games. He was so intrigued, and now at 13 he was able to dive head-first into this new world.

By the age of 14 Ben Simkin had learned 5 programming languages, all from textbooks he borrowed from the school library. He spent nights writing thousands of lines of computer code, writing software and computer games, and on barely any sleep attend High School during the day.

By 16 years old he was well-versed in computer security and landed his first paid-gig as a computer hacker for a commercial real estate firm. Through word of mouth his parents got a call asking for Ben’s help. The firm’s ex-IT Manager had left the company disgruntled, and locked the entire organization out of their computer network and systems. Weeks away from folding, Ben hacked his way into the system and restored access to the entire organization over a weekend and saved the company from disaster.

Knowing what he wanted to do with his career and already possessing the knowledge to do so, Ben left school a few months later to the shock of the school faculty who pinned him as a diligent student.

From age 16 to the age of 20 Ben held a series of high-level jobs in computer security, programming, Unix & Linux Systems Administration for several high-profile financial firms.

At age 20 he decided to take the leap and start his own technology firm at the prompting of a business mentor. He quickly grew that company to 8 full-time staff and hundreds of clients before selling the firm to an employee in his mid-twenties for 7-figures.

Taking a few months off Ben felt lost, and unsure about what to do next. It was at this time he received a referral via word of mouth for someone who wanted help with Online Marketing. The year was 2005 and Online Marketing was a very mysterious thing.

Not one to back away from a challenge, despite knowing nothing about marketing he quickly agreed he’d do it and got to work reading and learning as much as he could.

With what knowledge he garnered he put together a marketing campaign that generated $3 million dollars in sales. This is when he knew he was on to something and launched BusinessNET, his marketing agency.

Knowing he needed to learn much, much more, he immersed himself, reading and learning and experimenting with marketing. Ben’s initial clients all came from word of mouth, from the results he was achieving with his handful of clients, including a few companies he generated over $10 million in sales for.

Since then BusinessNET has grown into a company employing 20 people and having generated over $2 Billion in sales for his clients.

His first client is still with him today.

In 2016 The Huffington Post recognised Ben Simkin’s achievements in Online Marketing and called him “The World’s #1 Facebook Marketer”, and in 2018 Facebook recognised the high level of success Ben and his team have achieved inducted his agency BusinessNET into Facebook VIP Status, a recognition only held by a small number of companies in the world.

Always wanting to learn, Ben Simkin would regularly spend tens of thousands of dollars traveling to the USA to attend events and seminars to meet new people and get new ideas. It was in 2013 Ben confided in mentor Brian Kurtz that he felt he couldn’t keep this gruelling travel up and was despondent. It was then when Brian suggested “You either need to find a Mastermind to join in Australia, and if you can’t, create one”.

Searching and enquiring in Australia came up with no leads, so he did what he was encouraged to do, create one.

The Mastermind was launched in December of 2013 and has since helped hundreds of Australian Business Owners (and some international members) find their tribe, learn from each other and help each other grow theirbusinesses.

Ben continues to grow his own personal business interests including BusinessNET, and really enjoys giving back to the community through The Mastermind and will continue to do so.


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