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Ben Simkin, Facebook Marketing Mentor

Since building his highly successful company, BusinessNET , which to date has generated over $1.45 billion in sales, Ben Simkin empowers other entrepreneurs with tangible skills to grow their own highly successful businesses.

As a medium to share his knowledge, Simkin created The Mastermind, which is a group of high-level entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for proven lead generation and marketing techniques to help their own businesses thrive.

Mastermind member, Kim Barrett of Your Social Voice, is just one testament of Simkin’s work. Mr Barrett specifically describes Simkin as his “Facebook Training Mentor” in a recent podcast.

In the Youngpreneur Podcast, Barrett explains how he now achieves leads 10 times cheaper than what he previously had done, and how he uses the high-level Facebook Marketing techniques to get the best outcome for himself and his clients.

Ben Simkin continues to empower entrepreneurs and business owners by sharing his proven marketing techniques through his personal mastermind, articles, events, podcasts and other appearances. Keep up to date with Facebook Marketing Expert Ben Simkin by following him on his active Facebook page:

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