Dr Adam Arnold:

Leading Digital Marketers. Dr Arnold was the first member of The Mastermind…

A back injury forced Adam Arnold to become one of the top digital advertisers in the industry.

He had worked as a chiropractor for twenty years and grew a thriving practice during that time. But after hurting his back he had to find a new career.

He spent two years exploring how he could continue his life’s work of serving others.

Through a friend, he heard about Ben Simkin’s Mastermind program and decided to join. He had started a service where he used hypnosis to help his clients stop smoking. He hoped the Mastermind would help his grow his business.

He could never have imagined where that decision would take him…

3 months after joining the Mastermind he had generated twelve hundred leads. Word spread about his success, and requests for his marketing services started pouring in.

He started his own agency just nine months later. He’s been skyrocketing his clients’ revenue ever since.

Just a few of his accomplishments include:

  1. Taking one of his clients from $40K a month to an incredible $150K a week.
  2. Generating seven months of business for another client in just thirty days. They had to ask him to pause the advertising because they couldn’t handle any more customers! 
  3. Turning around a struggling healthcare practice and tripling its revenue in three months.

Within the Mastermind, he is particularly admired for his ability to get inside the head of any target market. His years of medical training let him dive deep into a markets’ fears, wants, and desires.

Adam became a Mastermind mentor to give back to the community that helped launch his career. He believes that he was put on the planet to make a difference in other people’s lives. Be it as a mentor or as a marketer, he plans to continue to serve as many people as he can.

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