A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity For 30 Serious Business Owners, Marketers & Copywriters...

For The First Time Ever In Australia - The Halbert Brothers Share Their Family's Closely Guarded Marketing And Copywriting Secrets - Which Have Generated HUNDREDS Of Millions Of Dollars In Sales And Which Could Help You 2X... 5X... Even 10X... Your Sales From Every Marketing Campaign

Reserve your spot today to this Australia-first event with Kevin and Bond Halbert this September, and discover the Halbert family's closely guarded marketing and copywriting strategies - which could add millions of dollars to your business in the next 12 months.

  • Writing what is regarded as the most widely-mailed sales letter in the world with more than 600 million copies mailed. This sales letter built an organisation which employed 700 people, 40 of whom were needed just to make the bank deposits (this was back in the 70s where cheques were still used widely). The company turned over so much money, they even had a desk in the office for the dedicated tax agent the IRS allocated to them. The company was eventually sold years later for $90 million (around $300 million in today’s money).
  • Writing an ad for marketing legend and "9 Billion Man," Jay Abraham, which brought him in 602 potential clients. 
  • Creating winning promotional campaigns for all the biggest financial publishers in the world, including Phillips Publishing, KCI and Agora Publishing (which today turns over $500 million in revenue). One sales letter written for Phillips Publishing, which used a ‘penny’ to grab people’s attention, was mailed so many times, the Denver Mint had to make more pennies exclusively for the company and shipped them directly in box cars to the Phillips facility.
  • Writing two sales letters which alone pulled in almost $700 million dollars
  • Creating an ad for a company looking to raise money for their IPO which brought in enough qualified investors to produce nearly $200 million dollars.
  • Creating a promotion for a computer software and hardware company which took them from $3 million to $13 million a year.
  • Making one client so much money with their ideas, the client bought a major league baseball team (yes, a major league team, NOT a minor league team).
  • Helping turn someone who was so broke, he and his wife were living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - into a multi-millionaire with TV infomercials, Internet and direct mail promotions running everywhere.  
  • Giving legendary direct response marketer and copywriter Dan Kennedy his start in marketing (Dan got his first marketing job working for Halbert's Inc. in Bath, Ohio)
  • Making 75 million dollars for Robert Allen (author of the famous real estate book 'Nothing Down') 
  • Helping a furniture store in Denver sell so much stock, the owner had to hire 10 new full-time employees within the first two weeks just to keep up with the orders
  • Helping car dealer sell out every Rolls Royce he had in stock and every Rolls Royce he could back order in three days - with a single letter! 
  • Creating a promotion which raked in $20 million for one of the biggest mailing companies in America

And much, much more...

YOU now have the chance to steal their secrets and strategies and explode your sales in this special event with Kevin and Bond Halbert...

This is Bond and Kevin's FIRST and possibly ONLY marketing trip to Australia. 

They travelled extensively for business with their father when they were younger, so travelling is not something they enjoy very much. 

After much begging, they eventually gave in and agreed to let me fly them out this one time. 

Which means you don't have to spend $2,000 - $3,000+ to fly to America, spend thousands on accommodation, or waste days travelling to see them.

However, it's not clear when or if this kind of event will ever happen again in Australia - so make sure you reserve one of these 30 spots before they sell out (all tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will the event be held?

A: The event will be held at Park Hyatt Melbourne (1 Parliament Pl, East Melbourne VIC 3002)

Q: What time does the event start/finish?

A: The sessions start at 9am each day and will conclude at 5pm.

Q: What's the best way to get there?

A: If you are flying in from interstate or overseas, there are a number of convenient options to the event location from Melbourne Airport. You can catch a taxi straight from the airport. You can also catch a Skybus or train from Melbourne airport to Southern Cross station and then catch a taxi for the short trip to Park Hyatt.

Q: Where's the best place to stay?

A: The event will be held at Park Hyatt and this is a convenient place to stay. Otherwise, there are a wide range of great hotel options nearby depending on your budget and personal preferences. 

Q: Will I get to ask questions during the event?

A: Yes, there will be time dedicated to Q&A.

Q: I can't make it to this event. Will a recording be available?

A: No recording of the event is planned on being released to the public.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: Business casual is fine.

Q: Can I reserve a spot?

A: Unfortunately, due to the very limited nature of this event, all tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. The only way to ensure your spot is to pay in full. 


Standard Admission

  • Standard Seating
  • Q&A With Kevin & Bond 
  • Lunch And Refreshments

  • Happy Hour With Bond & Kevin - A chance to network with and 'pick the brains' of these two marketing legends 
  • Extra Hotseat & Deep Dive Day (Held on the 15th) - Get an extra FULL day of personalised attention to uncover and create 'million dollar breakthroughs' for YOUR business

Ticket inclusions:

Only 25 Available

Early Bird Price:

(Save $1,600 on Door Prices)

Bring a Partner For $1699

Payment plans are available.
(3x payments of $1250)

Early Bird Price:

(Save $3,000 on Door Prices)

Bring a Partner For $2250

Payment plans are available.
(3x payments of $1725)

VIP Admission

Ticket inclusions:

  • Upgraded VIP Seating
  • Q&A With Kevin & Bond 
  • Lunch And Refreshments

  • Happy Hour With Bond & Kevin - A chance to network with and 'pick the brains' of these two marketing legends
  • Extra Hotseat & Deep Dive Day (Held on the 15th) - Get an extra FULL day of personalised attention to uncover and create 'million dollar breakthroughs' for YOUR business

Only 5 Available


When: 13th - 14th September, 2017

Where: Park Hyatt, Melbourne

Not everyone qualifies for this event. 

If you are:

  • A complete beginner and 'newbie' to business and marketing
  • Struggling in business and are looking for a 'lifeline' which will get you out of dire straits overnight
  • Looking to 'get rich quick' with no effort whatsoever
  • Just chasing the latest 'bright shiny object' 
  • Someone who thinks proven marketing principles tested and developed in the cutt-throat world of direct mail and newspaper advertising, cannot be applied to today's digital world. 
  • Not 100% serious about using what you will learn to grow your business

... this event is NOT for you. 

The Secrets And Strategies You Will Learn In This Event Are Responsible For Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Sales And The Creation Of Numerous Multi-Millionaires

Ben Simkin
CEO of BusinessNET 
Founder of The Mastermind

Dear Business Builder, 

This 'event of the decade' may be just what you need to crush your competition and 2X... 5X... even 10X your sales from every marketing campaign.

You see, competition is fiercer than ever in today's business world:

The Halbert family have been responsible for:

This event is NOT just a 2-day lecture.

It is an interactive, immersive experience where you will get the chance to hear new ideas and insights AND ask questions to help you apply them to YOUR unique situation.

The Halbert brothers hardly ever do coaching or consulting these days - preferring instead to work on their own projects. 

And the coaching and consulting work they DO take on - they usually charge tens of thousands of dollars PLUS a percentage of sales.

This is your unprecedented opportunity to get these two 'million dollar marketing minds' looking at YOUR business and help YOU uncover ideas and insights which could add millions of dollars to your business.

At this two-day event, Kevin and Bond Halbert will share their family's closely guarded marketing and copywriting secrets and show you how you can apply them to your own campaigns to multiply your sales by 2X... 5X... 10X or more. 

They have personally advised million-dollar copywriters, consulted 9-figure companies and are now opening up their best secrets and strategies to you in this interactive event.

They will show you little-known, 'lost' marketing and copywriting secrets developed by their father in the cutt-throat world of direct mail and newspaper advertising... and show you how they've been able to take those principles to the next level in the online world.

Just some of what you will learn at this two-day event:

  • How to create 'irresistible' offers which virtually force your prospects to pull out their wallet immediately and buy your product or service (this has been one of the critical elements which has helped the Halbert family sell HUNDREDS of millions of dollars worth of products and services)
  • Little tweaks to 2X....5X... even 10X your conversion rate on landing pages and sales pages
  • How to get your emails OPENED and READ - Bond taught these strategies to one student and he immediately took his email open rates on his list of 30,000 people from 10% to 30%). 
  • How to identify and create your campaign's 'hook' and get more people clicking on your ads, opting in on your list and reading through your sales page.
  • Uncovering 'Million Dollar Big Ideas' and how to use them in your marketing and advertising to create huge winners
  • The psychology and process behind creating ads which convert at double-digits
  • How to tell powerful stories which suck prospects into your copy and subtly sells them on your product or service
  • Little-known and often ignored ways to profitably reach older demographics
  • How they've been able to drive over 136,000 unique visitors a year to a website (actually the first website he every made), spending only $40 a year on Google Ads. The ad was actually the first Google Ad Bond ever wrote too. Despite this, the ad converted at double digits because he was able to intimately understand the psychology behind why someone clicks on an ad.
  • How to get Amazon to promote your book for FREE, year after year. Unlike most Amazon authors, who see sales drop off after their initial promotional launch - Bond has seen his book sales on Amazon grow steadily for the past 3 years without spending a cent on promotion.
  • And much, much more...

"The Prince of Print" and "The World's Greatest Copywriter," Gary Halbert

Bond Halbert

Kevin Halbert

  • New and ambitious players are emerging every single day in every market
  • Thanks to the Internet, the speed at which information spreads has increased - new strategies, tools and techniques are quickly copied by everyone in the market - rendering them virtually useless in very short amounts of time
  • Big businesses with deep pockets have access to enormous pools of talent, technologies and resources - making it harder and harder for smaller operations to succeed
  • Consumers are bombarded with more advertising and marketing messages today than ever before - making it harder to stand out and get noticed

As such, you NEED secrets and strategies which give you an edge...

...secrets and strategies which your competition have no idea about and will never find out about.

And that's exactly what you will get in this Australia-first, private and exclusive event with the Halbert brothers, Kevin and Bond.

Over two full days this September in Melbourne, Kevin and Bond will share some of their family's most powerful and closely guarded marketing and copywriting secrets and strategies.

The Halbert family has generated hundreds of millions of dollar in sales across multiple industries, with their marketing and copywriting secrets and strategies.

They are very private people and guard their family's secrets closely.

They don't speak at big marketing conferences. They don't sell courses to the mass market. And they hardly ever do consulting unless they are able to earn millions of dollars from the opportunity.

Which means, many of the secrets and strategies you will learn, are known by less than 0.1% of business owners, marketers and copywriters out there - allowing you to gain an unparalleled advantage over your competition. 

However, in order to stop these secrets and strategies from getting out to too many people (and therefore diluting their power) - we've limited attendance to this event. So to secure your seat and give yourself an unfair advantage - make sure you register today before seats sell out.


Now It's YOUR Turn To Learn And Apply Them And Watch Your Sales Grow By 2X... 5X... 10X From Every Marketing Campaign - Whether Online Or Offline

Watch As These Two Revered Marketing Legends Uncover 'Million Dollar' Ideas And Opportunities In YOUR Business

Event Details

Who Should Attend This Event

If you are a business owner currently investing heavily in marketing and advertising and you want to multiply your sales, increase the return you get on every marketing campaign, and add millions of dollars to your bottom line - this event is for you. 

You will learn the strategies the Halbert family have used to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for businesses from the 1970s up till today.

If you are a marketing professional who wants to learn little-known marketing strategies to 10X the results you are able to get on campaigns, become one of the top marketers in the field and be seen as invaluable to the businesses you work for - this event is for you.

You will learn proven, high-level and little known marketing strategies and insights from two of the world's sharpest marketing minds.

If you are a copywriter who wants to learn secrets which 99% of other copywriters do not know about, and finally get the edge that will allow you to create more controls which other copywriters cannot beat, land bigger clients and earn bigger royalties - this event is for you.

You will learn the copywriting secrets which Gary implemented but never had the chance to teach in his newsletters. And you'll also see how Kevin and Bond have been able to apply and innovate upon Gary's copywriting techniques in digital mediums.

Who This Event Is NOT For

This May Be Your ONLY Chance To Discover The Halbert Family's Most Closely Guarded Secrets

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3. You may not be permitted to take into the event, or use, cameras or other photographic or recording equipment (including mobile phones).

4. Tickets are not refundable and cannot be transferred. 





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