Bond Halbert Conducts A Rare Interview Ahead Of FIRST & Possibly ONLY Marketing Event In Australia And Reveals Little-Known Insights & Experiences Which Could Double Your Sales From Every Marketing Campaign

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Learn The Secrets And Strategies Responsible For Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Sales And The Creation Of Numerous Multi-Millionaires

Kevin Halbert

Bond Halbert

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  • Writing what is regarded as the most widely-mailed sales letter in the world with more than 600 million copies mailed. This sales letter built an organisation which employed 700 people, 40 of whom were needed just to make the bank deposits (this was back in the 70s where cheques were still used widely). The company turned over so much money, they even had a desk in the office for the dedicated tax agent the IRS allocated to them. The company was eventually sold years later for $90 million (around $300 million in today’s money).
  • Writing an ad for marketing legend and "9 Billion Man," Jay Abraham, which brought him in 602 potential clients. 
  • Creating winning promotional campaigns for all the biggest financial publishers in the world, including Phillips Publishing, KCI and Agora Publishing (which today turns over $500 million in revenue). One sales letter written for Phillips Publishing, which used a ‘penny’ to grab people’s attention, was mailed so many times, the Denver Mint had to make more pennies exclusively for the company and shipped them directly in box cars to the Phillips facility.
  • Writing two sales letters which alone pulled in almost $700 million dollars
  • Creating an ad for a company looking to raise money for their IPO which brought in enough qualified investors to produce nearly $200 million dollars.
  • Creating a promotion for a computer software and hardware company which took them from $3 million to $13 million a year.
  • Making one client so much money with their ideas, the client bought a major league baseball team (yes, a major league team, NOT a minor league team).
  • Helping turn someone who was so broke, he and his wife were living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - into a multi-millionaire with TV infomercials, Internet and direct mail promotions running everywhere.  
  • Giving legendary direct response marketer and copywriter Dan Kennedy his start in marketing (Dan got his first marketing job working for Halbert's Inc. in Bath, Ohio)
  • Making 75 million dollars for Robert Allen (author of the famous real estate book 'Nothing Down') 
  • Helping a furniture store in Denver sell so much stock, the owner had to hire 10 new full-time employees within the first two weeks just to keep up with the orders
  • Helping car dealer sell out every Rolls Royce he had in stock and every Rolls Royce he could back order in three days - with a single letter! 
  • Creating a promotion which raked in $20 million for one of the biggest mailing companies in America

And much, much more...

YOU now have the chance to steal their secrets and strategies and explode your sales in this special event with Kevin and Bond Halbert.

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The Halbert family have been responsible for:

"The Prince of Print" and "The World's Greatest Copywriter," Gary Halbert

In this interview, Bond Halbert shares his insights and experiences growing up in the Halbert family:

  • What it was like seeing his family going from lower-middle class status to one of the richest families in the state.
  • What made his father, Gary, so successful as a marketer and copywriter
  • How to make your product or service stand out from others in the marketplace
  • One of the main elements he sees missing from sales pages and sales letters today
  • What sets successful marketers apart from everyone else

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MELBOURNE September 13th - 15th 2017

MELBOURNE September 13th - 15th 2017